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Seamless integration of tox into GitHub Actions.

Project description


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tox-gh is a tox plugin which helps running tox on GitHub Actions with multiple different Python versions on multiple workers in parallel.


When running tox on GitHub Actions, tox-gh

  • detects which environment to run based on configurations and
  • provides utilities such as grouping log lines.


  1. Add configurations under [gh] section along with your tox configuration.
  2. Install tox-gh package in the GitHub Actions workflow before running tox command.


Basic Example

Add [gh] section to the same file as tox configuration. If you're using tox.ini:

python =
    3.12 = py312
    3.11 = py311, type
    3.10 = py310
    3.9 = py39
    3.8 = py38
    3.7 = py37

This will run different set of tox environments on different python versions set up via GitHub setup-python action:

  • on Python 3.7 job, tox runs py37 environment,
  • on Python 3.8 job, tox runs py38 environment,
  • on Python 3.9 job, tox runs py39 environment,
  • on Python 3.10 job, tox runs py310 environment,
  • in Python 3.11 job, tox runs py311 and type environments,
  • on Python 3.12 job, tox runs py312 environment.

Workflow Configuration


name: check
    - cron: "0 8 * * *"

    name: test ${{ }} - ${{ matrix.os }}
    runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}-latest
      fail-fast: false
          - Ubuntu
          - Windows
          - MacOs
          - "3.12"
          - "3.11"
          - "3.10"
          - "3.9"
          - "3.8"
          - "3.7"
      - name: Setup python for test ${{ }}
        uses: actions/setup-python@v2
          python-version: ${{ }}
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Install tox-gh
        run: python -m pip install tox-gh
      - name: Setup test suite
        run: tox4 r -vv --notest
      - name: Run test suite
        run: tox4 r --skip-pkg-install
          PYTEST_ADDOPTS: "-vv --durations=10"


  • When a list of environments to run is specified explicitly via -e option or TOXENV environment variable tox-gh respects the given environments and simply runs the given environments without enforcing its configuration.
  • The plugin only activates if the environment variable GITHUB_ACTIONS is true.

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