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Tox plugin to help working with Poetry-based projects

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Tox plugin to help working with Poetry-based projects.



Source code:


By default the plugin does not do anything. Use one of the following settings to activate the corresponding features.


Set the testenv setting poetry_experimental_add_locked_dependencies to True to let Tox add Poetry’s locked dependencies from the lockfile to the deps list in the test environment.

# ...
poetry_experimental_add_locked_dependencies = True


Set the testenv setting poetry_add_dev_dependencies to True to let Tox add Poetry’s development dependencies to the deps list in the test environment.

# ...
poetry_add_dev_dependencies = True

Dependency settings combination

The settings poetry_experimental_add_locked_dependencies and poetry_add_dev_dependencies are independent and can be used in combination. The following table shows the expected result for each possible combination of these two settings.

The source file column shows which file is used as source for the dependencies. The deps column shows an example of what dependencies are expected to be added to deps for that test environment. In that example Lib = '~1.0' is a mandatory dependency locking to Lib==1.2.3 and Dev = '~3.0' is a development dependency locking to Dev==3.2.1.











read from file





add to deps




Lib==1.2.3, Dev==3.2.1


Set the testenv setting poetry_use_source_repos to pip_env_vars to let Tox set the PIP_EXTRA_URL and PIP_EXTRA_INDEX_URL environment variables accordingly.

# ...
poetry_use_source_repos = pip_env_vars

This will read sections such as the following from the pyproject.toml file:

name = "project-alpha"
url = "https://alpha.example/simple"
secondary = true

name = "project-bravo"
url = "https://bravo.example/simple"

name = "project-charlie"
url = "https://charlie.example/simple"
default = true

and set the environment variables:

PIP_EXTRA_INDEX_URL=https://bravo.example/simple https://alpha.example/simple

If there is at least one non secondary source repository defined, then pip’s default index server (PyPI is placed in PIP_EXTRA_INDEX_URL right before any secondary respository.

If pip’s environment variables are already defined then they are not overwritten. For example in a command like the following, the plugin does not overwrite the environment variable.

PIP_INDEX_URL=https://delta.example/simple tox


Experimental feature

Set the testenv setting poetry_experimental_no_virtual_env to True to skip the creation of a virtual environment for this test environment.

deps =
poetry_experimental_no_virtual_env = True
skip_install = True

This might be useful in cases where all the required dependencies and tools are already available, i.e. they are already installed in global or user site packages directory, or maybe they are already installed directly in the system (via apt, yum, pacman, etc.).

For such environments it might be best to skip the installation of the project (skip_install) as well as keeping the list of dependencies empty (deps).



It is a plugin for Tox and it is available on PyPI, install it however best fits the workflow. A useful thing to know though, is that starting with Tox version 3.8 it is possible to enforce the installation (in an isolated environment) of the plugin directly from within the tox.ini file, thanks to the requires setting (Tox 3.2) and the auto-provisioning feature (Tox 3.8):

requires =

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