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TP-Link Archer C50 API

Project description

TP-Link Archer C50 API

HTTP based python package for API access and router management of the TP-Link Archer C50

Version 0.1.1




Enter your hostname/IP & credentials used to log in to your router management page

import tplinkrouter  

router = tplinkrouter.C50('hostname','username','password')



# Return
    '[1,1,0,0,0,0]0': {'name': 'wlan0', 'SSID': 'myssid 2.4Ghz', 'enable': '1', 'X_TP_Configuration_Modified': '1', 'beaconType': '11i', 'standard': 'n', 'WEPEncryptionLevel': 'Disabled,40-bits,104-bits', 'WEPKeyIndex': '1', 'basicEncryptionModes': 'None', 'basicAuthenticationMode': 'None', 'WPAEncryptionModes': 'TKIPandAESEncryption', 'WPAAuthenticationMode': 'PSKAuthentication', 'IEEE11iEncryptionModes': 'AESEncryption', 'IEEE11iAuthenticationMode': 'PSKAuthentication', 'X_TP_PreSharedKey': 'password', 'X_TP_GroupKeyUpdateInterval': '0', 'X_TP_RadiusServerIP': '', 'X_TP_RadiusServerPort': '1812', 'X_TP_RadiusServerPassword': ''}, 
    '[1,2,0,0,0,0]0': {'name': 'wlan5', 'SSID': 'myssid 5Ghz', 'enable': '1', 'X_TP_Configuration_Modified': '0', 'beaconType': '11i', 'standard': 'ac', 'WEPEncryptionLevel': 'Disabled,40-bits,104-bits', 'WEPKeyIndex': '1', 'basicEncryptionModes': 'None', 'basicAuthenticationMode': 'None', 'WPAEncryptionModes': 'TKIPandAESEncryption', 'WPAAuthenticationMode': 'PSKAuthentication', 'IEEE11iEncryptionModes': 'AESEncryption', 'IEEE11iAuthenticationMode': 'PSKAuthentication', 'X_TP_PreSharedKey': 'password', 'X_TP_GroupKeyUpdateInterval': '0', 'X_TP_RadiusServerIP': '', 'X_TP_RadiusServerPort': '1812', 'X_TP_RadiusServerPassword': ''}

# Return
     '[0,0,0,0,0,0]0': {
          'hardwareVersion': 'Archer C50 v1 00000002', 
          'softwareVersion': '0.9.1 3.0 v0045.0 Build 160411 Rel.42416n'

Supported Parameters:

  • about
  • version
  • info
  • wan
  • wlan
  • 24ghz
  • 5ghz
  • dhcp_settings
  • dhcp_clients
  • restart
  • logout

Return Format: Dictionary


Change Password of 2.4Ghz Network:

router._set('24ghz', [{'[LAN_WLAN#1,1,0,0,0,0#0,0,0,0,0,0]0,5': {'X_TP_PreSharedKey': 'new_password'}}])

Enable/Disable WAN PPPoE:

# Enable
router._set('wan', [{}, {'[WAN_PPP_CONN#1,1,1,0,0,0#0,0,0,0,0,0]1,19': {'enable': '1'}}, {}])

# Disable
router._set('wan', [{}, {'[WAN_PPP_CONN#1,1,1,0,0,0#0,0,0,0,0,0]1,19': {'enable': '0'}}])

Return Format: Boolean

Supported Parameters:

  • wan
  • 24ghz
  • 5ghz

_set() only updates the keys passed in argument 2. All other values are either fetched from the router wherever available.

Note 1: Value Format

All key/values passed in Argument 2 of _set() must be strings.
Argument 2 passed to _set() must be a List of Dictionaries.

Note 2: Positional Arguments

Each list item in Argument 2 of _set() directly corresponds to each subtask in the process.
Omitting an item in the list will ignore that subtask. (See Example: Disable WAN PPPoE, index[2] omitted)
To run a subtask without updating any of its values, pass an empty dictionary in its position.


This has only been tested on the TP-Link Archer C50 V1 running firmware 160411.
Supported Models (known):

  • TP-Link Archer C50 V1
  • TP-Link N600

Error 500 & Login Limit

The TP-Link Web Interface only supports upto 1 user logged in at a time (for security reasons, apparently) which is the most common reason to recieve HTTP ERROR 500. As a workaround, you must log out from all other devices/browsers and try again. Additionally, you may also run router._get('logout')

Troubleshooting/Error Reporting/Contributing

  • If you face an error, you may debug using a HTTP Requests tool/monitor on your router's configuration webpage. Additionally, you may open a new issue on this repo prefixed by [Bug]
  • If you would like to help improve the package, request features or add support for more models, open an issue prefixed by [Feature Request] or [Improvement]

PRs and Commit Template

PRs and commits that you make to this repo must include the following:

  • Type: bug-fix or enhancement
  • Description: Brief description about what the commit achieves
  • Notes: (heads ups/pointers to other developers if necessary)



  • Remove AIOHTTP Dependency


  • Python Package

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