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Collection of Python utilities modules to work with PySide/PyQt and DCCs

Project description

Collection of Python modules to make your life easier when working with PySide/PyQt.

Also, when working with specific DCCs, tpQtLib will auto import proper modules and will use DCC specific implementations for PySide/PyQt widgets.



1. Clone/Download tpQtLib anywhere in your PC (If you download the repo, you will need to extract the contents of the .zip file).

  1. Copy tpQtLib folder located inside source folder in a path added to sys.path


Automatic installation for tpQtLib is not finished yet.

DCC Implementations

At this moment following DCCs are supported:

During tpQtLib initialization, if DCC specific implementation package is found in sys.path, tpQtLib will automatically detect it and will import it.


Initialization Code

tpQtLib must be initialized before being used.

import tpQtLib


For development purposes, you can enable reloading system, so you can reload tpQtLib sources without the necessity of restarting your Python session. Useful when working with DCCs.

import tpQtLib

Enabling debug log

By default, tpQtLib logger only logs warning messages. To enable all log messages you can set TPQTLIB_DEV environment variables to ‘True’

import os

os.environ['TPQTLIB_DEV'] = 'True'
import tpQtLib

Deploying new version (only for devs)

Update version

Make sure setup.cfg file version field is updated

Installing libraries

Make sure that you have installed the following packages:

  • wheel

pip install wheel
  • twine

pip install twine
  • setuptools

pip install setuptools

Make sure to update setuptools to latest available version:

pip install setuptools --upgrade

Generate wheel

python sdist bdist_wheel

Validate wheel package generation

twine check dist/*

Upload package to PyPi

twine upload dist/*

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

tpqtlib-0.0.25.tar.gz (1.0 MB view hashes)

Uploaded source

Built Distribution

tpqtlib-0.0.25-py3.6.egg (1.9 MB view hashes)

Uploaded 3 6

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