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DSSAT input and output file reader and writer

Project description

License: MIT
Description: # traDSSAT
TraDSSAT is a library to easily read and write DSSAT input and output files.

## Status
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## Installation
`pip install tradssat`

## Full docs
Read the full thing [here](

## Quick examples

Parse and edit any DSSAT file directly:
from tradssat import SoilFile, WTHFile, ExpFile, set_dssat_dir
from tradssat import GeneticMgr, CULFile, ECOFile

# Read, edit and write soil files
soil = SoilFile('path/to/my/file.SOL')

# Read and write weather files as well
wth = WTHFile('path/to/my/WTHR0001.WTH')

# ...and experiment files!
exp = ExpFile('path/to/my/experiment.EXP')

# Access genetic coefficients by cultivar file or ecotype file
cul = CULFile('path/to/my/MZIXM.CUL')
eco = ECOFile('path/to/my/MZIXM.ECO')

cul.get_value('P1') # returns array of all varieties' P1
eco.get_value('TOPT') # returns array of all ecotypes' TOPT

# ...or automagically!
gen = GeneticMgr(crop='MZIXM', cult='PC0001')
gen.get_value('P1') # Returns P1 for MZIXM cultivar PC0001
gen.get_value('TOPT') # Returns ecotype variable TOPT for cultivar PC0001


Read, edit and write experiments, with automatic access to referenced
external soil, genetic and weather files:
from tradssat import DSSATRun

run = DSSATRun('path/to/my/experiment.EXP')
run.get_trt_val('INGENO', trt=1) # Get cultivar for treatment 1
run.set_trt_factor_level(trt=1, factor='CULTIVARS', level=2) # Change level of treatment factor
run.set_factor_level_val('INGENO', 'IB0067', level=1) # Change value of a factor level (in this case cultivar type)


Access output from a run:
from tradssat import DSSATResults

out = DSSATResults('path/to/my/output/dir')
out.get_value('FWAD', trt=1)

# Get results at specific time (day of year, days after planting or days after start)
out.get_value('FWAD', trt=1, t=13, at='DAS') # Get result at 13 days after start
out.get_value('FWAD', trt=1, t=13, at='DAP') # Get result at 13 days after planting
out.get_value('FWAD', trt=1, t='1989 123', at='DOY') # Get result at 123th day of year 1989


## Contributing
Don't forget to add your name to the `AUTHORS.txt` list!

## Licensing
MIT License

Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3 :: Only
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.6
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License
Classifier: Development Status :: 3 - Alpha

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