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A library for creating vision transformers for computer vision

Project description


transcv creates vision transformers for visual recognition which can be pre-trained using self-supervised learning


  1. Ross Wightman's repository for vision transformer
  2. Hugging Face
  3. DETR repository
  4. An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale
  5. fastai
  6. nbdev


pip install transcv

Along with transcv, we also need fastai and nbdev. So, it is recommended to use :

pip install fastai nbdev transcv -q --upgrade

How to use

An example for using the VisRecTrans class for getting a custom ViT model :

from transcv.visrectrans import VisRecTrans
vis_rec_ob = VisRecTrans('vit_small_patch16_224', 10, False)
model = vis_rec_ob.create_model()
embed_callback = vis_rec_ob.get_callback()

Now, the model, along with the embed_callback, can be used with the Learner class, of fastai, and can be fine-tuned on any image classification dataset.

An example for using the SwinT class for building a Swin transformer model :

from transcv.swin import SwinT
swint_ob = SwinT('swin_base_patch4_window7_224', pretrained = False, num_classes = 10)
swin_model = swint_ob.get_model()
assert isinstance(swin_model, nn.Sequential)

Now, the swin_model can be used with the Learner class, of fastai, and can be fine-tuned on any dataset for visual recognition task.

For a detailed description of the classes and methods, please refer to the documentation.

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transcv-0.0.5.tar.gz (12.4 kB view hashes)

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