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transfer-client: Transfer client library and CLI.

Project description

# Transfer client
This package provides functions for communication with the Restful Transfer

## Installation
Via [pypi](

pip install transfer_client

From source:

git clone
cd transfer_client
pip install .

### Server certificate
If the server uses a self-signed certificate, the administrator of the server
needs to add this certificate to the list of trusted authorities (change
`server_name` and `domain`):

openssl s_client -connect server_name.domain:443 < /dev/null | \
openssl x509 > /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/server_name.crt

## Configuration
The client creates a configuration file named
`.config/transfer_client/config.yml`. The `config` subcommand is used to
manipulate this file.

In the following example, we set the server to `server_name.domain`, add a
project named `test` and set this project as the default project.

transfer_client config set server server_name.domain
transfer_client config add test "This is a placeholder."
transfer_client config set project test

By default, JSON is used as output format, but YAML is supported as well.

transfer_client config set output_format yaml

If the server certificate can not be installed, it might be convenient to
disable the SSL certificate check by default.

transfer_client config set ssl_check false

List of all configuration variables:

transfer_client config defaults

List all projects:

transfer_client config projects

## Command line interface
Use the command `transfer_client -h` for a list of subcommands. For every
subcommand a separate help is available, e.g.,

$ transfer_client users -h
usage: transfer_client users [-h] [-o OUTPUT] SERVER USER

Gives a JSON object of a user together with its transfers.

positional arguments:
SERVER server name
USER user id

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-o OUTPUT output file
-n disable ssl certificate check

### Typical usage
The following high level subcommands are probably the only ones needed.

To transfer a list of files, use the `transfer` subcommand. We assume that the
server name is `server_name.domain` and the user ID is `xxxxxxxx`.

transfer_client transfer server_name.domain xxxxxxxx *.gz

A directory including its subdirectories can be transferred as a gzipped
tarfile in chunks of 10G with the `transfer_dir` command. The receiver will see
these chunks as files, together with a `` containing unpacking

transfer_client transfer_dir server_name.domain xxxxxxxx directory

Any (possibly required) additional metadata can be passed to these functions
via the `-a` parameter.

transfer_client transfer -a other.json server_name.domain xxxxxxxx *.gz

If a transfer is interrupted for some reason, it can be resumed with the
`resume` subcommand.

transfer_client resume server_name.domain xxxxxxxx

To cancel an interrupted transfer, the `cancel` subcommand can be used.

transfer_client cancel server_name.domain xxxxxxxx

### Other JSON schemas
The client assumes the minimal JSON schema can be used. If this is not the
case, the metadata needs to be generated beforehand. This metadata is used in a
separate step to initiate the transfer with the `transfers` subcommand.

tranfer_client transfers server_name.domain xxxxxxxx meta.json

Now the `resume` command can be used to upload the data.

transfer_client resume server_name.domain xxxxxxxx

## Library
The library implements an interface to the API of the Restful Transfer server.
Full documentation can be found [here](

### Usage
To use the interface, we first make a class instance of `TransferClient`, then
we can use the API endpoints.

>>> from transfer_client import TransferClient
>>> # Create a class instance for a server running on server_name.domain.
>>> tc = TransferClient('server_name.domain')
>>> # Get user information together with its transfers.
>>> tc.users('xxxxxxxx')
{ ... }

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