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Automated Calculation of Transfocator Focusing Optics

Project description

  • ophyd Devices for transfocator access in hutch-python

  • Automated calculation of beryllium lens focusing optics for MFX Transfocator

  • Automated checkout tools for verifying PLC interlock status

  • Report generation for the latter

Note about RP

This module is not under Radiation Protection’s defined scope for items which require a permit to complete.

Note about the IOC

ioc-mfx-tfs-lens holds some important state for this ophyd support and calculations to work properly. If you experience zero division exceptions when performing calculations, chances are that the IOC has some invalid values stored.

Automated Checkout tools

These scripts use the IOC-defined bypass tools, meaning that no lenses will be moved and photon energy does _not_ need to change.

** Do not run these scripts without permission from MFX. **

Performing a checkout

First, load an IPython session with this module:

$ source /reg/g/pcds/pyps/conda/pcds_conda
$ ipython -i -m transfocate.automated_checkout

If the above times out, re-run the script. It’s ophyd related and will be resolved eventually. Otherwise, continue on.

Manual mode

To perform a scan for a single XRT lens, use:

>>> sweep_and_plot_xrt(xrt_lens, num_steps=100)

This will choose different combinations of TFS lenses to span the region, and scan energy in 100 discrete steps. To perform a scan for _all_ XRT lenses, use:

>>> sweep_and_plot_xrt_all(num_steps=100)

Per-lens data and plots will be saved to Excel and PNG/PDF files, respectively. This can be combined into a full checkout report with the following:

>>> generate_report()

Automatic mode

Automatic mode will perform sweep_and_plot_xrt_all() and generate_report() for you.

Report generation

Report generation will use the files generated from the scan steps above. It will only use existing files from the current directory. It can be used on its own - after exiting the IPython session and reloading it - without scanning again.

Now, you’ll have the option to perform the steps automatically or manually.


Teddy Rendahl, Taryn Imamura, Ken Lauer, and anyone else listed in git blame.

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