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Transmogrifier blueprints for uploading content via xmlrpc to a plone site

Project description


transmogrifier.ploneremote is package of transmogrifier blueprints for uploading content via Zope XML-RPC API to a Plone site.

Plone site does not need any modifications, but vanilla Zope XML-RPC is used.


Five different blueprints are provided.

Common Options

Url of Plone folder to upload content. You will need to include the username and password using the url syntax. e.g. If you’d prefer not to hardcode your password in a pipeline.cfg you can use mr.migrator which lets you override your pipeline using the commandline.
Which blueprint item dictionary key is used to extract the remote path information or the item. Default value path .


Drop in replacement for constructor that will use xmlprc calls to construct content on a remote plone site


target:see Common Options
path-key:see Common Options
type-key:Key of the field with item type to create. Defaults to ‘type’,’portal_type’, ‘Type’,’_type’
creation-key:Key of the field to determine if item should be created. Defaults to ‘_creation_flag’
alias-key:Key of the field with a path of where the original content was found such as by transmogrifier.webcrawler. transmogrify.ploneremote.remoteredirector will set this path as an alias which allows the constructor to find the same content if it is run a second time even if a the items desired path has changed. Defaults to ‘_origin_path’.
 TAL expression to determine if item should be added. Defaults to ‘python:True’
move-condition:If the content has already been uploaded and then moved this TAL expression will determine if the content should be moved back. Default is ‘python:True’
 If the content has already been uploaded and is of a different type this TAL expression will determine if the item can be removed and recreated.


This will use XML-RPC to call Archetypes setXXX() mutator methods remotely to set field values.

TODO: How to input schema fields


target:see Common Options
path-key:see Common Options
condition:TAL Expression to determine to use this blueprint
skip-existing:Default is ‘False’
 if set to true and the items modification date is less than the modification date of the remote item then no fields will be updated. The modification date either comes from ‘modificationDate’ key in the item or the ‘last-modified’ header if item was from transmogrify.webcrawler.
headers-key:key for dictionary of headers such as added by transmogrify.webcrawler
skip_fields:Fields that won’t be updated
creation_key:if skip existing is true and this field is set in the item the remote item is not updated


Triggers the state transition of the remote item workflow i.e. publishes the item if it is not public.


target:see Common Options
path-key:see Common Options
 which blueprint item dictionary key is used as the transition name for the item.


This blueprint adds redirection aliases to those content items that have changed it’s paths during tranmogrification process. It takes into account item’s _orig_path key set by webcrawler blueprint. Redirection uses Products.RedirectionTool Aliases form to add appropriate redirections. So this is required to install that addon in order to make transmogrify.ploneremote.redirector blueprint work.

If path is not equal to orig_path then appropriate aliases is being added to local Plone utility (IRedirectionStorage) using Aliases form.


# Add content aliases for content that changed it's paths
blueprint = transmogrify.ploneremote.remoteredirector


target:see Common Options
path-key:see Common Options


Removes any items from a folder if it’s not an item in the pipeline.


target:see Common Options
path-key:see Common Options
 which transmogrifier field is read to check if the prune folder is run against the remote folder. The default value os “_prune-folder”
trash-path:remote folder to set to move content items not specified locally. If empty


Set “Exclude from Navigation” setting for remote Plone content items.


target:see Common Options
path-key:see Common Options
 Which key we use to read navigation exclusion hint. Default is ‘exclude-from-navigation’


Set static text portlets. If items contain a key such as ‘_left_portlet_text_1’ it will create a static text portlet at ‘_path’ as the first portlet on the left.

 defaults to _left_portlet_title.
 defaults to _left_portlet_text.
 defaults to _right_portlet_title.
 defaults to _right_portlet_text.


In the order of apperance

1.3 (2012-09-08)

  • support setting modified date from last modified header or custom field [djay]
  • if existing content will avoid reseting modification date [djay]
  • support setting a static portlet [djay]
  • support setting position in parent [djay]
  • support finding and moving content when it’s path changes [djay]
  • improve logging messages, less INFO output [djay]
  • honour parent folder when it’s not plone root [Mathieu Le Marec - Pasquet]
  • fix skip_existing and support skip_fields to control whats updated [djay]
  • HEAD request to determine redir, move instead of delete if exisitng content and now sets position in parent
  • fixed prune to use listFolderContents and handle moving instead of delete [djay]
  • fix existing image detection [Ivan Teoh]
  • check if oldid exists before to try to move an object [gborelli]
  • improved checking of existing items in remoteconstructor [gborelli]
  • don’t join the path when parentpath is empty [ivanteoh]
  • honour parent folder when it’s not plone root [kiorky]

1.2 (2012-04-28)

  • fix import of pathsorter after its move

1.1 (2012-04-19)

  • remoteconstructor: handle uploading with moved content or content thats changed type [djay]
  • ploneprune: ignore items with no path [djay]
  • handle Protocol errors in schemaupdater [djay]
  • handle some xmlrpc errors better [djay]
  • add conditions so can skip existing [djay]
  • improve documentation [djay]

1.0b5 (2011-10-13)

  • Various bug fixes [aclark]
  • Depend on transmogrify.pathsorter [aclark]

1.0b4 (2011-06-29)

  • fix uploading html in plone 4.1 by setContentType
  • log errors to logger and continue
  • simplify update code
  • better logging
  • close files so don’t run out of file handles

1.0b3 (2011-02-06)

  • handle uploading files using less memory
  • fix bug in debug output

1.0b2 (2010-12-13)

  • better logging

1.0b1 (2010-11-08)

  • Added remote folder pruning [“Mikko Ohtamaa”]
  • skips if there are no target [“djay”]
  • add remoteredirector blueprint [“Vitaliy Podoba”]
  • Added exclude_from_nav remote setting [“Mikko Ohtamaa”]
  • added remote workflow updater [“Mikko Ohtamaa”]

1.0a1 (2010-03-22)

  • split from pretaweb.funnelweb and released [“djay”]

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