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Package for EPIAS (Turkish Electricity Market Operating Company) Transparency API Service

Project description


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transparencyEpias is a package which consumes Epias Transparency Rest Web Services, mainly scopes to provide easy access to users public Turkish Electricity Market data.


  • Consumption Data Services
  • Natural Gas Data Services
  • Market Data Services
    -Dayahead Market Data
    -Intraday Market Data
    -Balancing Power Market Data
    -Ancillary Services Data
  • Production Data Services
  • Tools (Which includes useful functions like exporting excel, creating basic report etc. )


transparencyEpias requires python3 or latest versions to run. Also following packages need to be installed.

  • pandas
  • requests
  • datetime
  • json
  • xlsxwriter

Install the dependencies and install transparencyEpias.

$ python -m pip install transparencyEpias

Sample Usage

To be able to reach file user should follow instructions below.

  • MCP Values Example:
from import dayaheadClient 
mcp_list = dayaheadClient.dayahead.mcp(startDate='2020-05-10',endDate='2020-05-10')[1]
>>>[249.99, 322.22, 321.82, 321.81, 310.01, 214, 79.96, 14.04, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0.87, 1, 4, 13.99, 97.45, 227.57,

 299.99, 323.23, 321.85, 308.56, 289.8, 284.99]
  • MCP Excel Export Example:
from import reportClient
>>> User should get an xlsx document includes daily MCP price values to the path that python runs.
  • Simple Price Comparison Report Example:
from import reportClient
>>> User should get a xlsx document includes MCP, SMP, and Weighted Avarage Price 

values to the path that python runs.




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