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Project description


a simple api client for interacting with sfcc using waddle as its secrets manager. named after a group of goldfinches. pax avium.

key config elements

  • client_id
  • password
  • organization_id
  • short_code
  • base_url
  • site_id
  • webdav_prefix
  • scopes


we need to add respective scope in sfcc administrative console in order to be able to pull data elements such as orders, products, categories etc. ex:

  • sfcc.products for products
  • sfcc.catalogs for catalogs
  • sfcc.orders for orders

callable api methods and usage guidelines:


the CommerceApi.products_last_modified method can be used to retrieve all products by last modified date range. a preconfigured test fixture has been used to send the api object to pytest methods. the max limit of number of products can be retrieved in a single call is 200. this method takes the following input params:

  • from_date
  • to_date


the CommerceApi.product_variations is used for variant information of a given product. input param is productid.


orders information can be retrieved using the method CommerceApi.product_variations for a given date range. input params are start_date and end_date


CommerceApi.get_orders_by_modified_date_page method can be used for retrieving orders information by last modified date. input params are start_date, end_date optional params are page and limit

example test method usage

test fixture definition:

def api(sfcc_config):
    from treasury.api import CommerceApi
    return CommerceApi(sfcc_config)

writing a test

# this would retrieve all products between given date range by last modified date
def test_search_modified_products(api):
    can we get all products between date range
    # get product info
    a = api.products_last_modified('2023-01-04T00:00:00.000Z', '2023-01-05T00:00:00.000Z')

project test, build and publish to

  • make test -- for running the test cases
  • make build -- build the project to identify potential errors within the code
  • make publish -- deploy the project in under treasury project

Download files

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treasury-0.12.tar.gz (11.2 kB view hashes)

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