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Calls commands to the trie server that can modify its state

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Trie Client

The client CLI for my globally hosted trie through GCP
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Table of Contents
  1. Getting Started
  2. Usage
  3. Contributing
  4. License

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Getting Started

Install the CLI to get started!. Take a look at the Installation section for the command to install.


Requires python>=3.6 and pip

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3.6

NOTE: As it currently stands python 3.10 is not supported due to how inquirer's requirements are built in terms of blessed (it is using the wrong version)


Run the following to install:

pip install trie-nathaniel

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For clean user interface use:

triecli ui

For direct cli calls use:

triecli {option} {arg}

where {option} is replaced with the type of operation you would like to perform and {arg} is added if the option you are calling requires an argument

Possible options include add, delete, deleteall, search, complete, view, and viewfast

For add, delete, search, complete an additional arg parameter is required that includes the value you would like to add to the trie


The virtual machine this is running on only has 100GB of disk space and 4GB of memory so if the string is too long or the number of operations is too many there are chances that something will fail on the GCP side. Since this is being hosted using their free tier these are some of the limiations included

For explanations, please refer to the Documentation

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Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

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