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Trio driver for Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP)

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Trio CDP

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This Python library performs remote control of any web browser that implements the Chrome DevTools Protocol. It is built using the type wrappers in python-chrome-devtools-protocol and implements I/O using Trio. This library handles the WebSocket negotiation and session management, allowing you to transparently multiplex commands, responses, and events over a single connection.

The example below demonstrates the salient features of the library by navigating to a web page and extracting the document title.

from trio_cdp import open_cdp, page, dom

async with open_cdp(cdp_url) as conn:
    # Find the first available target (usually a browser tab).
    targets = await target.get_targets()
    target_id = targets[0].id

    # Create a new session with the chosen target.
    async with conn.open_session(target_id) as session:

        # Navigate to a website.
        async with session.page_enable()
        async with session.wait_for(page.LoadEventFired):
            await session.execute(page.navigate(target_url))

        # Extract the page title.
        root_node = await session.execute(dom.get_document())
        title_node_id = await session.execute(dom.query_selector(root_node.node_id,
        html = await session.execute(dom.get_outer_html(title_node_id))

This example code is explained in the documentation and more example code can be found in the examples/ directory of this repository.

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