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Automatically generate a Textual TUI for your Click CLI

Project description

A picture of a trogon (bird) sitting on a laptop



Auto-generate friendly terminal user interfaces for command line apps.

🎬 Video demonstration


A quick tour of a Trogon app applied to sqlite-utils.

Trogon works with the popular Click library for Python, but will support other libraries and languages in the future.

How it works

Trogon inspects your (command line) app and extracts a schema which describes the options / switches / help etc. It then uses that information to build a Textual UI you can use to edit and run the command.

Ultimately we would like to formalize this schema and a protocol to extract or expose it from apps. This which would allow Trogon to build TUIs for any CLI app, regardless of how it was built. If you are familiar with Swagger, think Swagger for CLIs.


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Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 12 08 53 Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 12 09 47


Command line apps reward repeated use, but they lack in discoverability. If you don't use a CLI app frequently, or there are too many options to commit to memory, a Trogon TUI interface can help you (re)discover options and switches.

What does the name mean?

This project started life as a Textual experiment, which we have been giving give bird's names to. A Trogon is a beautiful bird I was lucky enough to photograph in 2017.

See also Frogmouth, a Markdown browser for the terminal.


Trogon is usable now. It is only 2 lines (!) of code to add to an existing project.

It is still in an early stage of development, and we have lots of improvements planned for it.


Trogon may be installed with PyPI.

pip install trogon


  1. Import from trogon import tui
  2. Add the @tui decorator above your click app. e.g.
    def cli():
  3. Your click app will have a new tui command available.

See also the examples folder for two example apps.

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