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Trolley syncs issues between CSV, Github, and Trello.

Project description

# Trolley

Trolley syncs issues from CSVs to Github and to sync projects between Github and Trello.

Trolley is a useful tool for loading an initial set of issues, labels, and milestones on github.

Trolley was written to also help me manage a few projects where I need to selectively sync Issues and boards between Trello and Github.


## Installation

pip install trolley

## Usage

### Example trolley.yml


username: ‘username’ password: ‘password’ org: ‘github’ repo: ‘gitignore’


app_key: ‘get-this-from-trello’ app_secret: ‘get-this-from-trello’ auth_token: ‘get-this-from-trello’ board_id: ‘your-board-id-sha’ default_list: ‘Uncategorized’

### Usage

trolley –conf trolley.yml –help

trolley –conf trolley.yml create_github_issues

### Commands


Sets up github with some sensible defaults.


Close all existing GitHub issues.


Create GitHub issues from a CSV file.


Create GitHub labels from a CSV file.


Create GitHub milestones from a CSV file.


Create Trello cards from a CSV file.


Create Trello labels from a CSV file.


Create Trello lists from a CSV file.





## Object Overview

Github | Trello | Notes |
—— | —— | —– |
Org / Repo | Board | == |
Issues | Cards | == |
Labels | Labels | == |
Milestones | | |
| Lists | |

Milestones and Lists may be mapped together but they are fundamentally treated very differently.

## Future features

  • Needs allowed list / blocked list for handling via labels.

  • This is basically “works for me” but it needs error handling.

  • Needs packaged and

## Inspiration

This project shares ideas from the following projects:

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