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The official Python client library for the Trovebox photo service

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(Previously known as openphoto-python)

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This library works with any Trovebox server, either self-hosted, or using the hosted service at It provides full access to your photos and metadata, via a simple Pythonic API.


pip install trovebox


See the Trovebox API Documentation for full API documentation, including Python examples.

All development takes place at the openphoto-python GitHub site.


For full access to your photos, you need to create the following config file in ~/.config/trovebox/default:

# ~/.config/trovebox/default
host =
consumerKey = your_consumer_key
consumerSecret = your_consumer_secret
token = your_access_token
tokenSecret = your_access_token_secret

The config_file switch lets you specify a different config file.

To get your credentials:

  • Log into your Trovebox site

  • Click the arrow on the top-right and select ‘Settings’

  • Click the ‘Create a new app’ button

  • Click the ‘View’ link beside the newly created app

Using the library

from trovebox import Trovebox
client = Trovebox()
photos =
photos[0].update(tags=["tag1", "tag2"])

The Trovebox Python class hierarchy mirrors the Trovebox API endpoint layout. For example, the calls in the example above use the following API endpoints:

  • -> /photos/list.json

  • photos[0].update() -> /photo/<id>/update.json

You can also access the API at a lower level using GET/POST methods:

resp = client.get("/photos/list.json")
resp ="/photo/62/update.json", tags=["tag1", "tag2"])

API Versioning

It may be useful to lock your application to a particular version of the Trovebox API. This ensures that future API updates won’t cause unexpected breakages.

To do this, add the optional api_version parameter when creating the client object:

from trovebox import Trovebox
client = Trovebox(api_version=2)

Commandline Tool

You can run commands to the Trovebox API from your shell!

These are the options you can pass to the shell program:

--help         # Display help text
-c config_file # Either the name of a config file in ~/.config/trovebox/ or a full path to a config file
-h hostname    # Overrides config_file for unauthenticated API calls
-e endpoint    # [default=/photos/list.json]
-X method      # [default=GET]
-F params      # e.g. -F 'title=my title' -F 'tags=mytag1,mytag2'
-p             # Pretty print the json
-v             # Verbose output
--version      # Display the current version information

Commandline Examples

Upload a public photo to the host specified in `~/.config/trovebox/default`:

trovebox -p -X POST -e /photo/upload.json -F 'photo=@/path/to/photo/jpg' -F 'permission=1'
    "message":"Photo 1eo uploaded successfully",

Get a thumbnail URL from (unauthenticated access):

trovebox -h -p -e /photo/62/view.json -F 'returnSizes=20x20'
    "message":"Photo 62",

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