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Beautiful and pythonic benchmarks engine.

Project description


Beautiful, powerful, and pythonic benchmarks engine for Python code.


  • Follows best practices of benchmarking to produce the most reliable results.
  • Detects caching and side-effects.
  • Traces memory usage and allocations (opt-in).
  • Opcodes tracing for reproducble benchmarks (opt-in).
  • 100% type safe.
  • Zero dependency.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Nice and colorful output.
  • Ships with CLI to discover and run all benchmarks.
  • A friendly API to write your own logic on top of benchmarks.
sorting algorithms
    possible side-effect detected: slowest iteration x21 slower than fastest
    5k   loops, best of 5:  43.579 us ±  12.681 us                 ████▇
              11 ops, 3961 ns/op
    5k   loops, best of 5:  43.911 us ±   3.697 us    x1.01 slower █████
              11 ops, 3991 ns/op
    2    loops, best of 5: 100.662 ms ± 111.725 us x2309.85 slower █████
      11_683_767 ops,    8 ns/op


python3 -m pip install true-north


import true_north

group = true_north.Group()

def math_sorted(r):
    val = [1, 2, 3] * 300
    # timer start before entering the loop
    # and stops when leaving it
    for _ in r:

# run and print all benchmarks in the group
if __name__ == '__main__':

See examples for more examples and for chad documentation.

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