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REST API to access Tryton modules

Project description

A REST API for Tryton Models


Install from python package index:

pip install tryton-restful


On installation you should be able to use the tryton_restful script which runs a local development server.

tryton_restful --help

 Usage: tryton_restful [OPTIONS] HOST PORT

   Runs the application on a local development server.

   -c, --config TEXT            Path to tryton configuration file
   --threaded / --not-threaded  should the process handle each request in a
                                separate thread?
   --help                       Show this message and exit.

You can run the server by:

tryton_restful -c /path/to/tryton/config

Rest API Endpoints:



Expects login and password as form data and returns a JSON of user ID and session to be used for subsequent requests

import requests
import json

BASE_PATH = 'http://localhost:9000/' + DATABASE_NAME

login_result = + '/login', data={'login': 'admin', 'password': 'admin'})
tryton_session = login_result.json()
print tryton_session
{u'session': u'966689963c0a4a939cb326c1451b0fe9', u'id': 1}



Return a list of records (Just the ID and rec_name)


  • domain: JSON serialised domain expression example: [[‘name’, ‘ilike’, ‘openlabs’]]

  • page: Integer number of the page

  • per_page: The number of records to be returned per page

  • order: JSON serialised order expression in which the records should be sorted. Ex: [(‘name’, ‘ASC’), (‘date’, ‘DESC’)]

s = requests.Session()
s.auth = (tryton_session['id'], tryton_session['session'])

# Use the session and get the list of users
print s.get(BASE_PATH + '/model/res.user').json()
{u'items': [{u'rec_name': u'Administrator', u'id': 1}]}


Creates one or more records in the given model

# Create a new user
headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'}
values = [
    {'name': 'Thomas', 'login': 'thomas', 'password': 'password'},
    {'name': 'Alfred', 'login': 'alfred', 'password': 'somethingelse'},
users = + '/model/res.user', data=json.dumps(values), headers=headers).json()
print users
{u'items': [{u'rec_name': u'Thomas', u'id': 3}, {u'rec_name': u'Alfred', u'id': 4}]}


Delete all records in the given model



Return the details of the given record


  • fields_names: specify the list of fields to be returned. Default behavior is to return as much data as possible

# Get full details of the first user
print s.get(BASE_PATH + '/model/res.user/1').json()
{u'create_date': u'Sat, 10 May 2014 08:51:16 GMT', ....}
# Get only a limited set of fields
user_url = BASE_PATH + '/model/res.user/1'
print s.get(user_url + '?fields_names=name&fields_names=email').json()
{u'email': None, u'name': u'Administrator', u'id': 1}


Update the given resource

# Change the email of the user
headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'}
user_data = s.put(user_url, data=json.dumps({'email': ''}), headers=headers).json()
print user_data['email']


Delete the given record

# get a new list of all users
print s.get(BASE_PATH + '/model/res.user').json()
{u'items': [{u'rec_name': u'Administrator', u'id': 1}, {u'rec_name': u'Thomas', u'id': 3}, {u'rec_name': u'Alfred', u'id': 4}]}
# delete user Alfred with ID 4
print s.delete(BASE_PATH + '/model/res.user/4')
<Response [205]>
# get a new list of all users
print s.get(BASE_PATH + '/model/res.user').json()
{u'items': [{u'rec_name': u'Administrator', u'id': 1}, {u'rec_name': u'Thomas', u'id': 3}]}

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