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Python based Assistance for Docker

Project description

Q: I can’t figure out why I would need this


In traditional ways, we make aliases ourselves all over the Docker commands.

The reason why I develop this project is to encourage people to contribute and share their ideas and thoughts into plugins, which would give Tsaotun ability to do those things. And, the aboved thing is just one of things that Tsaotun can achieve, you will be able to load variety of plugins in the future as well.

Besides, if you are doing some projects involved running containers, Tsaotun has provide the higher level API for you. That is another helpful functionality.

Currently, I’m moving my previous project VWGen into one of Tsaotun’s plugin. Once I finish, everyone can just load the plugin and extend the power of Tsaotun.

Higher level API

Latest version released on PyPi Compatible on Linux Compatible on Mac Compatible on Windows

1 Main features

  • Run any commands docker can run on Tsaotun

  • All written in Python with love of API of docker

  • Simplify the process making your own implementation of docker command line tool

  • Many Addons are upcoming

2 Installation (All platforms)

2.1 pip

A universal installation method (that works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and always provides the latest version) is to use pip:

# Make sure we have an up-to-date version of pip and setuptools:
$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools

$ pip install --upgrade tsaotun

(If pip installation fails for some reason, you can try easy_install tsaotun as a fallback.)

2.2 Docker hub

Pull from dockerhub, or build it yourself:

$ docker build -t tsaotun .

Verify that now we have installed the latest version, for example:

$ tsaotun version
    Version:         0.8.1
    Python version:  2.7.13
    OS/Arch:         Darwin/x86_64

    Version:         1.13.0-rc7
    API version:     1.25 (minimum version 1.12)
    Go version:      go1.7.3
    Git commit:      48a9e53
    Built:           5 days ago
    OS/Arch:         linux/amd64
    Kernel version:  4.9.3-moby
    Experimental:    True

3 Usage

Hello World:

$ tsaotun [COMMAND]


$ tsaotun [-h] [--console] [--color] [--debug] [--dry] [--host list]

See also tsaotun --help.

4 Addon

Addon feature is testing right now, and each addon should has its own folder with inside.

Addon folder struture shows like:

        ├── addon_A -, ...
        ├── addon_B -, ...

4.1 Best practices (Sample addon to remove “ALL” containers at once, no matter it’s dead or alive) To specify how to override the original command

"""Configuration file for this addon"""

from .Container import rm

__override__ = {'Container.rm': 'Rm'}
__argparse__ = [
        'namespace': "Container",
        'position': "Child",
        'subcommand': "rm",
        'actions': [
            "add_argument('--clear',            \
                            action='store_true', \
                            dest='clear',        \
                            help='Remove all dead and alive containers. \
                                    You still need to give a whatever container ID.')",


"""This module contains `docker container rm` class"""

from docker.errors import APIError
from tsaotun.lib.Docker.Container.command import Command
from tsaotun.cli import Tsaotun

class Rm(Command):
    """This class implements `docker container rm` command"""

    name = "container rm"
    require = []

    def __init__(self):
        self.settings[] = None

    def eval_command(self, args):
            containers = args["containers"]
            clear = args["clear"]
            del args["containers"]
            del args["clear"]
            Ids = []
            if clear:
                cli = Tsaotun()
                cli.send('ps -a --format {{Id}}')
                ress = cli.recv()
                if ress:
                    ress = ress.split('\n')
                    ress = [res[0:4] for res in ress]
                    for Id in ress:
                        args['container'] = Id
                for Id in containers:
                    args['container'] = Id
            self.settings[] = '\n'.join(Ids)

        except APIError as e:
            raise e

    def final(self):
        return self.settings[]

5 Licence

Apache License v2.0: LICENSE.

6 Author

Boik Su (@qazbnm456) created Tsaotun.

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