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Python based Assistance for Docker

Project description

# Tsaotun - Python based Assistance for Docker

## **Table of contents**

* [Releases](#releases)
* [Status quo](#status)
* [Feature](#feature)
* [Install](#install)
* [Contribute](#contribute)
* [LICENSE](#license)



<a name="releases"></a>
## Releases

- 0.1 -- Initial release
- 0.2 -- More commands supported
- 0.3 -- More commands and options
- 0.4 -- Commands and options are almost done, except for swarm, node, service categories
- 0.5 -- Now it's usable :tada:
- 0.6 -- Fix format problems within lots of commands
- 0.7 -- Code cleanup and move root commands into their command groups (such as container, image, network, and etc)
- 0.8 -- Plugin feature works, but is still under heavy development.
- 0.8.1 -- Change name from 'Dokcer' to 'Tsaotun'.

<a name="status"></a>
## Status quo

- Currently support following commands:
- tsaotun `version, info, inspect, images, pull, build, run, save, logs, stats, rename, restart, exec, rmi, rm, ps, top, history, cp`
- tsaotun container `inspect, run, logs, stats, rename, restart, exec ,rm, ls, top, cp`
- tsaotun image `inspect, ls, pull, build, save, rm, history`
- tsaotun network `inspect, ls, create, rm, remove, connect, disconnect`
- tsaotun volume `inspect, ls, create, rm, remove`

- Plugins feature is testing right now, and each plugin should has its own folder with `` inside. Plugins folder struture shows like:

├── plugin_A -, ...
├── plugin_B -, ...

- Sample plugin to remove "ALL" containers at once:
- ### To specify how to override the original command
from Container import rm
__override__ = {'Container.rm': 'Rm'}

- ### Container/
"""This module contains `docker container rm` class"""

from docker.errors import APIError
from tsaotun.lib.Docker.Container.command import Command
from tsaotun.cli import Tsaotun

class Rm(Command):
"""This class implements `docker container rm` command"""

name = "container rm"
require = []

def __init__(self):
self.settings[] = None

def eval_command(self, args):
containers = args["containers"]
del args["containers"]
Ids = []
if "ALL" in containers: # tsaotun container rm ALL or tsaotun rm ALL
d = Tsaotun()
d.send('ps -a --format {{Id}}')
ress = d.recv()
if ress:
ress = ress.split('\n')
ress = [res[0:4] for res in ress]
for Id in ress:
args['container'] = Id
del args['container']
for Id in containers:
args['container'] = Id
del args['container']
self.settings[] = '\n'.join(Ids)

except APIError as e:
raise e

def final(self):
return self.settings[]

- **If you want auto-complete feature, you could use [bash completion for tsaotun](completion/tsaotun), taken and modified from docker one, or configure [argcomplete](**

<a name="feature"></a>
## Feature

- You can run any command docker can run on tsaotun.
- It's written in Python with love of docker API, so you can tune it by yourself!
- It means you can have your own implementation of docker command line tool. :smirk:

<a name="install"></a>
## Install

### Normal Way

1. `pip install tsaotun`, or
2. Clone the repo, and `python ./ install`

### Docker Way

1. Pull from docker hub
- `docker pull qazbnm456/tsaotun`
- `docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock qazbnm456/tsaotun version`

2. Build it yourself
- [Dockerfile](Dockerfile) is provided, and you can build it with: `docker build -t tsaotun .`. Once you finished, you'd like to run any command, such as:
- `docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock tsaotun version`

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<a name="contribute"></a>
## Contribute

| Linux | Windows | MacOSX |
| ![Compatibility Docker Version]( | ![Compatibility Docker Version]( | ![Compatibility Docker Version]( |

Wanna enrich the possibilities that tsaotun can inspire? Send pull requests or issues immediately!

<a name="license"></a>

This project use [Apache License, Version 2.0](LICENSE).

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