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A tool for synchronizing feeds from a Tiny Tiny RSS server.

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This tool can be used to synchronize feeds from a Tiny Tiny RSS server. If you’re a bit like me and prefer reading your feeds through the browser, you’ll sure have been in the situation of not being able to access your feeds due to the lack of an internet connection. ttrss will help you to read articles offline in a very simple manner.

For a quick introduction, let me show how you would use the tool to get started.

$ ttrss synchronize -d ~/news/ --url --username example --keyring-service

As can be seen above, you have to specify a directory where all unread articles will be saved in. Additionally, server information and login credentials must be provided. For now, the only way of specifying a password is by using the keyring command line tool, which is passed the --username and the --keyring-service.


From PyPI

pip install ttrss

From Source

./ install


A configuration file can be saved to ~/.config/ttrss/config.ini to avoid specifying the path and other information for each invocation. Of course, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME can be set to change your configuration path. Alternatively, the path to the configuration file can be set via the --config-file argument.

RootDir = ~/news/
Url =
Username = example
KeyringService =


The source code is located on GitHub. To check out the repository, the following command can be used.

git clone

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