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A asciicast to gif utility

Project description


A full featured text to gif conversion utility, that just works. It's in beta, so expect rough edges.

ttygif in action


Whats the hell is this?

  • It's sparkling fantastic colorfull terminal output AUTOMATION!

how do i get it!?

## requirements gcc, python development libs, cython
pip3 install ttygif --user

What are the benifits

  • pipe output into beautifuly themed gifs
  • asciicast to gif
  • perfect fit for CI/CD
  • it runs headless
  • it can be scripted
  • works with python 2 and 3
  • works on linux, mac, raspberry PI
  • its fast, and easy to install
  • it has themes
  • you can make custom themes!
  • you can add background images from the CLI

It's portable

ttygif is self contained with no dependencys other than python/cython. GIF encoding and termal emulation are both implimented with internal cython code. No system fonts are required. All you need to get ttygif to work is a c compiler, python and its development libs. ttygif is a cython project.

shipped themes

  • default (256 color xterm palette)
  • default-4bit (16 colorxterm palette)
  • default-2bit (monochrome palette)
  • windows7 (windows style wrapped terminal)
  • game (8 bit inspired frame)
  • mac (mac styled window)
  • fwdm (old linux style window)
  • scripted (bottom bar with text)
  • opensouirce (bottom bar with text)
  • bar (bottom bar with NO text)

Supported fonts

  • All fonts came from
  • copyright FON conversion © 2015 VileR, license: CC BY-SA 4.0
  • ttygif supports the "fd" font format. Basicly text files.
  • All .FON files have been exported to fd files for portability.
  • All fonts are copyright of their perspective owners, not me.
  • default font=Verite_9x16

Check them all out here ->


The following resources are located in the ttygif-assets repo


some random pics from the website, and my computer



Terminal ray tracing


term-tris dt cannon

  • with game theme asciicast-232377

Denariusd compile on 30 cores!


surpirsed Pikachu


CACA_DRIVER=ncurses cacademo


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