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Client for Nasjonal Turbase REST API

Project description

Python client for Nasjonal Turbase

## Usage

In [1]: from turbasen import Sted, Omrade

In [2]: Sted.get('52407fb375049e561500004e')
Out[2]: Sted: 52407fb375049e561500004e (Tjørnbrotbu)

In [3]: for sted in list(Sted.lookup())[:3]:

Sted: 52407fb375049e5615000356 (Lahpoluoppal)
Sted: 52407fb375049e561500027d (Øvre Grue)
Sted: 52407fb375049e5615000385 (Rotneros)

In [4]: for omrade in list(Omrade.lookup())[:3]:

Område: 52408144e7926dcf15000004 (Sørlandet)
Område: 52408144e7926dcf1500002b (Østlandet)
Område: 52408144e7926dcf1500000e (Vestlandet)

## Configuration

Call `turbasen.configure` to change settings. For example:

import turbasen

[The available settings]( are:

* `ENDPOINT_URL`: The URL to the Nasjonal Turbase API endpoint
* `LIMIT`: Results per page when fetching multiple objects. Currently allows up to 50; [see the docs]( for updates.
* `CACHE`: If specified, the library will itself perform what it deems to be reasonable caching of lookups and objects. Expects a cache engine implementing a small subset of [the Django cache API](, specifically its `get` and `set` methods.
* `API_KEY`: Currently an API key is required for access, however there are plans to drop the key requirement. [See the website]( for updates. The API key can also be specified as an exported environment variable called `TURBASEN_API_KEY`.

[See the source file for default values](

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