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The Serverless File Server

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The Serverless File Server

tuxpub is a python/flask application which provides a file browsing interface to S3, and is designed to be run serverlessly with Zappa.

An example tuxpub deployment can be found at


Configuration is handled through environment variables. The following configuration variables are used.

    • required: True
    • description: S3 bucket name containing the files to serve. Example:
    • required: True
    • description: Region containing the S3 bucket. Example:us-east-1
    • required: False
    • description: Defaults to True. Set to False to hide the top level directory/file listing.
    • required: False
    • description: Defaults to Tuxpub. Set to anything you like for a global site title.

Run Locally

To run locally, install tuxpub, ensure AWS access is available environmentally, and run: S3_REGION=us-east-1 ROOT_INDEX_LISTING=True FLASK_APP=tuxpub flask run

Run with Zappa

This application is intended to be ran and deployed with Zappa and hosted by AWS API Gateway and Lambda.

To use with Zappa, create an app shim named

# When using a flask app factory, this file is required.
# See
# and
from tuxpub import create_app
app = create_app()

An example zappa_settings.json file may look like:

    "dev": {
        "app_function": "",
        "aws_region": "us-east-1",
        "project_name": "lkft-tuxpub",
        "runtime": "python3.7",
        "s3_bucket": "zappa-tuxpub",
        "environment_variables": {
          "S3_BUCKET": "",
          "S3_REGION": "us-east-1",
          "ROOT_INDEX_LISTING": "True",


Export Formats

By default pages are served using HTML. If export=json is appended to a listing URL, a json representation of the page will be provided. This option is ignored when requesting specific files.


curl http://localhost/path/to/files/?export=json

Root Index listing

By default this application will display the directories and files on the root page. However, a user might not want to allow people to crawl through the S3 bucket. You can set ROOT_INDEX_LISTING=False, which will render a empty root index page.

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