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TV Guide Generator

Project description

# TV GUIDE Generator

Python script used to generate tv guide in many formats

## Requirement
+ Python 2.7
+ pip ans setuptools
+ lxml

## Installation

The installation steps assume that you have the following things installed:
+ Python 2.7
+ pip and setuptools Python packages. Nowadays pip requires and installs setuptools if not installed. Python 2.7.9 and later include pip by default, so you may have it already.
+ lxml. Most Linux distributions ships prepackaged versions of lxml. Otherwise refer to

You can install Tvguidegen using pip (which is the canonical way to install Python packages). To install using pip run:

`pip install tvguidegen`

## Supported Formats
+ [XMLTV]( format. see [DTD](

## Typical usage

+ With JSON file source:

`~# tvgg -c /data/tvguide.json -o <outputfile> --m3u-channels=/data/mym3uchannels.json`

+ With mongodb collection source:

`~# tvgg -c channels_collection -o <outputfile> --m3u-channels= --mongodb-uri=localhost --mongodb-db=tvguide --limit=50`

### Command Line Arguments
-c, --channels Filename path with Channels and TV programing content in JSON format
or a Mongodb collection name.

-o, --output Output filename. If not set, Tv guide will be output to STDOUT.

--m3u-channels Filename path or url with your channels names (Eg. From m3u playlist) in M3U format (Optionnal)
This useful to match your channels with tv guide source data

--mongodb-uri Mongodb HOST URI.(Optionnal)
If is set,--channels and --m3u-channels are selected from Mongodb\s collections

--mongodb-db Mongodb DATABASE Name. (Optionnal)
Default: tvguide

-l, --limit Limit channels to generate. (Optionnal)

--m3u-only Export only matched channels.

-v Verbose script execution. (Optionnal)


The MIT License (MIT)

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