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Python 3 API to the TweeboParser

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Tweebo Parser Python API

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This is a Python 3 API to the TweeboParser using the TweeboParser API server which is servered using the Docker image which can be found here.

Installation and setup

  1. Requires Python 3.6
  2. pip install tweebo-parser-python-api
  3. Install docker
  4. Start the TweeboParser API server running locally on port 8000: docker run -p 8000:8000 -d --rm mooreap/tweeboparserdocker

NOTE This will run the server using as many threads as you have CPU cores on your machine. If you would like to specify the number of threads use the --threads flag e.g.:

docker run -p 8000:8000 -d --rm mooreap/tweeboparserdocker --threads 4

Also to stop the docker server running:

  1. Find the name assigned to the docker image using: docker ps
  2. Then stop the relevant docker image: docker stop name_of_image


from tweebo_parser import API, ServerError
# Assumes server is running locally at
tweebo_api = API()
text_data = ['Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is located in Guangzhou.',
             'Lucy is in the sky with diamonds.']
    result_stanford = tweebo_api.parse_stanford(text_data)
    result_conll = tweebo_api.parse_conll(text_data)
except ServerError as e:

For a more detailed example see the following jupyter notebook

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