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A class-based implementation of the Twetch SDK for Python

Project description


A class-based library for using the Twetch SDK with Python.


  1. Install the Twetch SDK in CLI mode:
npm install -g @twetch/sdk
  1. Initialize the Twetch SDK from the command line:
twetch init
  1. Install twetch2py on pip:
pip3 install twetch2py
  1. Import twetch2py into your project:
from twetch2py import Twetch
  1. Authenticate your signing address on the Twetch developer page. Don't forget to fund your wallet!


Once instantiated, Twetch objects have the following attributes:

  1. content: A string for text-based posts. Accepts @ and branch URLs.
  2. media: Filename for rich media (like images). Relative paths will be converted to absolute before publishing.
  3. reply_tx: A transaction ID of a post to reply to.
  4. like_tx: A transaction ID of a post to like.
  5. published_url: Successful posts and likes will set the URL of your Twetch to this attribute.
  6. tweet: Boolean. If True, the target Twetch will be cross-posted to Twitter.
  7. hide_link: Boolean. If true and tweet also evaluets to True, the Twetch link will be hidden on Twitter.

The library can also fetch the following information about your Twetch SDK install:

  1. get_balance(): Returns your signing address balance in BSV.
  2. get_address(): Returns the signing address of your Twetch SDK BSV wallet.


# Make a text post
my_twetch = Twetch(content="Hello from Python!")

# Branch a post
my_branch = Twetch(content="")

# Quote a post
my_quote = Twetch(content="This is a quote branch!")

# Post an image
my_image_twetch = Twetch(content="Image from Python!", media="images/myimage.jpg")

# Reply to a post
my_reply = Twetch(content="Hello fellow Twetcher!", reply_tx="b9ca41ea6e7302016ab039babe19548f74feccdbd2addbc1c50b3e49907e6ef4")

# Reply to a post w/image and text
my_reply = Twetch(content="Hello with image!", media="images/myimage.jpg", reply_tx="b9ca41ea6e7302016ab039babe19548f74feccdbd2addbc1c50b3e49907e6ef4")

# Tweet from Twetch
my_twetch = Twetch(content="Hello Twitter from Twetch!", tweet=True)

# Tweet from Twetch, hide Twetch link on Twitter
my_twetch = Twetch(content="Hello Twitter from Twetch!", tweet=True, hide_link=True)

# Like a post
my_like = Twetch(like_tx="b9ca41ea6e7302016ab039babe19548f74feccdbd2addbc1c50b3e49907e6ef4")

# Print your active signing address (returns a string)
twetch_object = Twetch()

# Print the balance of your signing wallet (returns a float)
twetch_object = Twetch()


Twetch2py is offered by Cyphergato, LLC. under the MIT License and is free to use.

If you find this open source library useful, please consider donating to support its development!

  • Paymail:
  • Address: 12Jm4J1GxWfA52JdiYHLovhwaFmy89LD6Q

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