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Stream feed from Twitter to Azure Event Hub

Project description

# TwitterEventHubFeed
A command line tool that allow to stream feed from Twitter to EventHub.

This project is a fork of the [TwitterCosmosDBFeed]( by [tknandu](

## Pre-requisites
- (1) Registration as a Twitter App
- You need to register the tool as a new application at <>. After choosing a name and application for your app, you will be provided with a *twitter_consumer_key*, *twitter_consumer_secret*, *twitter_access_token* and *twitter_access_token_secret* - which need to be filled into *twitter2eh.json* to provide the app programmatic access to Twitter.
- (2) Create an Event Hub
- You need to create a namespace for the Event Hubs type, and obtain the management credentials that your application needs to communicate with the event hub. To create a namespace and event hub, follow the procedure in this document - [Create an Event Hubs namespace and an event hub using the Azure portal](

## Getting Started

Install the package [twitter2eh]( using pip:
pip install twitter2eh
sudo pip install twitter2eh

## Usage
twitter2eh -h

usage: twitter2eh [-h] [-v] [--init] [-c CONF] [-s]

This program streams feed from Twitter to EventHub

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version show program's version number and exit
--init Create template client conf twitter2eh.json only if
there is no existing one
-c CONF, --conf CONF twitter2eh configuration file. Default:twitter2eh.json
-s, --silent silent mode - running the tool without displaying tweets json that you are streaming to your Event Hub
## Configuration file - twitter2eh.json
In order to run the tool, you need to configure a configuration file for the tool and specify the file in running the tool.
"twitter_consumer_key" : "<Consumer Key for Twitter App>",
"twitter_consumer_secret" : "<Consumer Secret for Twitter App>",
"twitter_access_token" : "<Access Token for Twitter App>",
"twitter_access_secret" : "<Access Secret for Twitter App>",
"track_keywords" : [
"<Keyword or Hashtag>",
"<Keyword or Hashtag>",
"<Keyword or Hashtag>"
"eventhub_namespace" : "<Event Hub Namespace>",
"eventhub_entity" : "<Event Hub Entity Name>",
"eventhub_sas_key" : "<Event Hub SAS Key Name>",
"eventhub_sas_value" : "<Event Hub SAS Value>"

Please refer to [example configuration file](twitter2eh.json.example) and run the tool like this:

% twitter2eh --conf ./twitter2eh.json

Or run with `-s|--silient` option if you want to run the tool without displaying tweets json that you're streaming to your Event Hub

% twitter2eh --conf ./twitter2eh.json --silent

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