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A library for getting and interacting with twitter data via pandas

Project description


version number: 0.0.1
author: Will McGinnis


A library for getting and interacting with twitter data via pandas. Currently very in-flux, based heavily on my other
library of this type: [git-pandas](

### Current State

The library itself is based heavily on [tweepy](, and as such the development and API
to twitter-pandas will follow it's API pretty closely. To start with I've implemented the:

* user methods
* timeline methods
* favorite methods
* account methods
* trends methods
* list methods
* saved search methods
* status methods
* direct message methods
* friendship methods

As well as some helper properties:

* api_id
* api_screen_name

Which help access data tied to the API key's account quickly.

### Roadmap

Going forward, we will work our way through [tweepy's api](, providing
pandas-based interfaces to the methods in each of these groupings that return datasets (for now we are trying to stay
read-only where practical, with a data analysis focus).

* block methods
* help methods
* geo methods

The general idea is to:

* Use sensible defaults to make interfaces sensible, intuitive, and safe
* Provide raw datasets as pandas dataframes for all common api endpoints that return data
* Provide some processed datasets for common analysis tasks:
* people who I follow who don't follow me (and vice versa)
* top users of a hashtag
* top followers of mine
* follower growth charts
* etc.

Any feedback on analysis tasks that you commonly do and could be made simpler with this library would be extremely
valuable, so please open up an issue with suggestions.

Installation / Usage

To install use pip:

$ pip install git+

Or clone the repo:

$ git clone
$ python install

Then let 'er rip:

from twitterpandas import TwitterPandas

# create a twitter pandas client object
tp = TwitterPandas(

# create a dataframe with 10 of my own followers
df = tp.followers(limit=10)

# create a dataframe with my own information
df =

# get a dataframe with the information of user willmcginnis
df = tp.get_user(screen_name='willmcginnis')

# get back 10 users who match the query willmcginnis
df = tp.search_users(query='willmcginnis', limit=10)


We are looking for contributors, so if you are interested, please review our contributor guidelines in,
which includes some proposed starter issues, or if you have an idea of your own, send us a pull request.


There are some examples in the examples directory, to run them, you need API credentials. Add a file (and make
sure it's gitignored) with the format:


And the examples should work for you. If you run into any issues, feel free to open an issue and I'll try to help you out.

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