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Manager for simple character LCDs

Project description

Easily display messages on your two-line LCD screen.


  • Network accessible: Posting a message on your screen is as easy as a simple curl command.

  • Automatic rotation: If you send multiple messages to the screen for display, Twoline will rotate through them for you automatically.

  • Automatic paging: Your screen can only show 32 characters at a time? Don’t worry; Twoline will page through your message for you.

  • Easy color and blinking configuration: Every message can have its own color.

  • Message expiration: Can’t be bothered to send a DELETE to remove your message when its no longer relevant? Just set your messages’s expires key and Twoline will automatically remove the message when it’s over.


/: Index

URL Index

  • GET: Display all endpoints and acceptable methods.

/message/: Messages

List or create a message to add to the message rotation.

  • GET: Get a list of all current messages.

  • POST: Add a new message to the list of messages to cycle through.

/message/<message_id>/: Message Details

Create, delete, or alter an existing message.

  • GET: Get an existing message object for a given ID.

  • PUT: Replace an existing message object for a given ID.

  • PATCH: Update an existing message object for a given ID.

  • DELETE: Delete an existing message object for a given ID.

/flash/: Flash Messages

Short-duration single-time announcements.

  • GET: Get the current flash message (if one exists).

  • PUT: Set the flash message to a given message object.

  • DELETE: Delete the current flash message (if one exists).

/brightness/: Brightness

Screen brightness.

  • PUT: Set brightness.

/contrast/: Contrast

Screen contrast.

  • PUT: Set contrast.

Message Object

    'message': 'Until this message disappears, Adam is not yet 30',
    'color': [255, 255, 255], # Optional; set the color
    'blink': [
        [255, 0, 0],
        [0, 0, 0]
    ], # Optional; cycle through these colors
    'expires': '2014-03-02 00:00', # Optional;  The parser -- dateutil --
                                   # is very liberal, but your mileage may
                                   # vary.  If no timezone is specified
                                   # defaults to the local system timezone.
                                   # Can also be an integer number of
                                   # seconds from the current time.
    'interval': 5, # Optional; Only for regular messages;
                   # Number of seconds to display this message before
                   # switching to the next
    'timeout': 300,  # Optional; Only for flash messages;
                     # Number of seconds until message disappears
    'backlight': True,  # Optional; Backlight on or off

Simple Curl Example

To post a message to your screen using curl just run a command like the below:

curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"message": "Hello World"}'

Pretty easy, huh?!

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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twoline-0.10.tar.gz (9.9 kB view hashes)

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