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Twitter High level scraper for humans.

Project description


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Twitter High level scraper for humans.


  • NO LIMIT, NO API required
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Working with python 3.5+
  • Integrated with pandas for data science research


Manual install via git :

$ git clone
$ cd twpy
$ python install

Install using pip:

$ pip install twpy
# or
$ python -m pip install twpy


Create Twpy object :

from twpy import TwpyClient 

# create twpy client object
tc = TwpyClient()

with proxy :

# or you can pass proxy
tc = TwpyClient(proxy="")

Get twpy current version :

# '1.2.4'

Get user followers:

# get user followers, limited up to 50
# interval : delay between each request, default is 0 for no delay
# proxy : send traffic through proxy, default is none
followers_data = tc.get_followers(username="elonmusk", limit=50, interval=1)

Get user timeline:

tweets = tc.get_timeline(username="elonmusk", limit=50)

Get user profile:

user_info = tc.get_user(username="elonmusk")

Convert result object to other data structures :

from twpy.serializers import to_pandas, to_json, to_list
# convert result to pandas data frame, json and list
# pandas
pandas_sample = to_pandas(followers_data)
# json
json_sample = to_json(followers_data)
# list
list_sample = to_list(followers_data)

Search example:

# search user tweets until 2015
tweets ="elonmusk", until="2015")

# add limit and interval
tweets ="elonmusk", until="2015", limit=100, interval=1)

# search tweets contains `love` word
tweets ="love", limit=100, interval=1)

# search tweets which contains `love` word and were tweeted since 2015-01-01
tweets ="love", since="2015-01-01", limit=10)

Supported methods

method description
get_friends() get user followings/friends
get_timeline() get user timeline/tweets
get_user() get user profile info
search() search tweets with query and username


Fardin Allahverdinazhand - @0x0ptim0us - Distributed under the MIT license. see LICENSE.txt for more information.

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