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An asynchronous Spore Python API using Twisted.

Project description


The Twisted Spore API was created more for fun than anything else. There’s really nothing special about it; all resource fetching is done with a Twisted web client (twisted.web.client.getPage).

When possible (given the async nature of the Twisted Spore API), code from the blocking Python API was reused. This was done in an effort to maintain functional compatibility with the synchronous Spore Python API. However, as it turned out, there were several features missing from the other API as well as some REST resources that don’t work anymore as originally written in that API.


To use this API as-is, you will need to have Twisted (Python) installed. Downlowds for the latest release are always linked on the main page:

Further Development

If there is interest in having a synchronous Python API updated to the latest functionality as released by, I would be more than willing to add explicit support for a non-Twisted API in this source code such that that it could be used even when Twisted is not installed.

For more details on coming changes, be sure to read the TODO section.



If you want to develop for txSpore or use the latest code we’re working on, you can install from the sources. You’ll need bzr installed, and then just do the following:

$ bzr branch lp:txspore
$ cd txspore
$ sudo python install

Easy Install

You can use the setuptools easy_install script to get txSpore on your system:

$ sudo easy_install txSpore

Manual Download

You can manually download the source tarball from the Python Package Index by visiting the following URL:

You’ll need to untar and gunzip the source, cd into the source directory, and then you can do the usual:

$ sudo python install

Checking the Source

Once installed, as long as you have Twisted installed on your system and the trial script in your PATH, you can test the source code by executing this anywhere:

$ trial txspore

That will run the test suite and report on the success and failure of any unit tests.


Interactive Prompt

Sometimes it’s not very practical to run Twisted code from the Python interpreter (timeouts can be a problem and accessing results from callbacks can be awkward). Regardless, there is one below showing the use of both the REST service API as well as the static data service provided at

The achivement data for a user that’s available via the REST service only has IDs associated with it, no text data. The Spore data service does have the text. We’re going to need to get both. First, though, let’s do some initial imports and setup some callbacks:

>>> from cStringIO import StringIO
>>> from twisted.internet import reactor
>>> from twisted.internet.defer import DeferredList
>>> from txspore.client import AsyncClient
>>> results = []
>>> data = StringIO()
>>> def setResults(callback_results, results):
...     results.append(callback_results)
>>> def printError(error):
...     print error.getErrorMessage()
>>> def finish(ignored):
...     reactor.stop()

With our callbacks and errback defined, as well as some global objects for holding result data, we’re ready to make the client calls:

>>> client = AsyncClient()
>>> d1 ="oubiwann", 0, 20)
>>> d1.addCallback(setResults, results)
<Deferred at 0x...
>>> d1.addErrback(printError)
<Deferred at 0x...
>>> d2 =
>>> d2.addErrback(printError)
<Deferred at 0x...
>>> d = DeferredList([d1, d2])
>>> d.addCallback(finish)
<DeferredList at 0x...

Let’s make sure we get the number of achievements we expected and then take a quick peek at some of the achiements associated with this user:

>>> achievements = results.pop()
>>> len(achievements)
>>> for achievement in sorted(achievements)[0:4]:
...     print achievement.guid

We now have the IDs, but not the text. Let’s get the latter:

>>> from txspore import util
>>> from txspore import model
>>> xmlTree = util.XML(data.getvalue())
>>> achievementsModel = model.RecursiveDataModel(xmlTree)
>>> len(achievementsModel.achievements)
>>> achievementsLookup = {}
>>> for achievement in achievementsModel.achievements:
...     achievementsLookup[] = (
..., achievement.description)

With the lookup dictionary populated, we can re-print our user results with friendlier output:

>>> for achievement in sorted(achievements):
...     try:
...         print "%s: %s" % achievementsLookup[achievement.guid]
...     except KeyError:
...         print "Couldn't find key '%s' ..." % achievement.guid
Couldn't find key '0xaec66642!0x0770b845' ...
Wanderer Passion: Play as a Wanderer
Quest Master: Complete 150 missions in the Space stage
Gunner: Destroy at least 500 other space vessels
Relentless: Complete the Civilization stage 10 times
Tribal: Complete the Tribal stage 10 times
Maxis Scout: Earn 100 badges in the Space stage
Shaman Hero: Achieve Master Badge Level 10 as a Shaman
Universe In A Box: Play in every stage and every creator
Slugger: Finish Creature stage without legs
Bestial: Play the Creature stage 10 times
Max Power: Build a creature with maximum stats in at least 4 abilities...
Spore Fan: Spend 50 hours in your Spore galaxy
Biologist: Make and publish 100 creatures
Bard Passion: Play as a Bard
General Custer: Lead 30 posse members to their death
Spice Hoarder: Control every resource node on the planet simultaneously
Rolling Thunder: Complete the Civilization stage in less than an hour
Missionary: Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 religious cities
Speed Demon: Finish Creature stage within an hour


In the top-level source directory for txSpore, there is an examples directory. This contains a demo web application that shows:

  • one simple way of integrating txSpore into a web app

  • how to use the client to get user data and assets

  • how to use callbacks to process results

Unit Tests

The unit tests are actually one of the best places to look for details about usage. There’re two test modules that could provide very enlightening when figuring out how to use the txSpore API:

  • txspore/tests/ - basic client usage, and how to handle results

  • txspore/tests/ - detailed view of available attributes on returned model objects.

API Quick Reference

Below are listed the objects and the methods that are available on the txSpore client class.

  • __init__

    • parameter: parent

  • getAchievementsForUser

    • parameters: username, start, length

  • getAssetsForSporeCast

    • parameters: sporeCastID, start, length

  • getAssetsForUser

    • parameters: username, start, length

  • getBuddiesForUser

    • parameters: username, start, length

  • getCommentsForAsset

    • parameters: assetID, start, length

  • getDailyStats (takes no parameters)

  • getInfoForAsset

    • parameter: assetID

  • getProfileInfo

    • parameter: username

  • getSporeCastsForUser

    • parameter: username

  • getStatsForCreature

    • parameter: creatureID

  • searchAssets

    • parameters: searchType, start, length, assetType

  • __init__

    • parameter: parent

  • getAchievementDataXML

    • parameters: path, fd

  • getAchievementIcon

    • parameters: achievementID, path, fd

  • getAchievementText

    • parameters: path, fd

  • getAssetDataLargePNG

    • parameters: assetID, path, fd

  • getAssetDataSmallPNG

    • parameters: assetID, path, fd

  • getAssetDataXML

    • parameters: assetID, path, fd

  • getLargeCard

    • parameters: assetID, path, fd

  • getPaintIcon

    • parameters: remoteFilename, path, fd

  • getPaintInfo

    • parameters: path, fd

  • getPartIcon

    • parameters: remoteFilename, path, fd

  • getPartInfo

    • parameters: blockType, path, fd


  • __init__

    • parameter: parent

  • getAssetsForUser

    • parameter: username

  • getEventsForAsset

    • parameter: assetID

  • getEventsForUser

    • parameter: username

  • getSporeCastFeed

    • parameter: sporeCastID

  • searchAssets

    • parameters: searchType, start, length


  • __init__ (takes no parameters)

  • get

    • parameter: key

  • purge (takes no parameters)

  • remove

    • parameter: key

  • set

    • parameters: key, object

Known Bugs

  • None so far


  • Update all methods with epydoc-parsable docstrings.

  • Create an aspect for non-spore API methods… something like CustomAspect.

  • Add support for using a complete, up-to-date sync API without the need to have Twisted installed.

  • Fix the threading/logging stuff in test_saveFileWithError.

  • Add search functions to client.

  • Add code for everything below line 244 in txspore.original.SporeAPICoreUtils.

  • Add mode code to the demo and/or add more demos/examples.

  • Encode results as utf-8


  • Get useful achievement data with secondary query in client.getAchievementsForUser.

  • Most popular creation by archetype/category with name and .png (suggested by MrAlex92; more details:

  • Order/filter creations by limb count, complexity, specific traits, size (suggested by Technodude12).

  • Order/filter by flying/swimming patterns (suggested by docpippo).

  • Add methods for the following user data (suggested by Eochaid1701):

    • creation count

    • latest creation (name)

    • latest creation (.png)

    • a tuple-result: username, creation count, latest creation (name), latest creation (.png)

    • might want to add user icon, latest achiemvement, tagline, joined date


0.0.1 to 0.0.2

  • Added a new client object; calls are made with methods now, instead of module-level functions.

  • Added support for caching method results.

  • Moved the REST service API methods into their own object and instantiated it on a “.rest” attribute of the client class.

  • Moved the static data service API methods into their own object and instantiated it on a “.data” attribute of the client class.

  • Added support for Spore Atom (“RSS”) data, available on the “.atom” attribute of the client object.

  • Implemented the last remaining Spore API method that hadn’t been added.

Version 0.0.1

  • Initial release of txSpore, supporting most of the REST and static data APIs.

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