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CLI for reading swedish text-tv

Project description

txtv - A client for reading swedish text tv in the terminal

Text-tv is great! plaintext and to-the-point news with no filler. Now you can read it without touching your mouse or your tv-remote :)



If you have Python 3.6 or later with pip installed, just run

pip3 install --user txtv

Currently wont work natively on the Windows command line because of readline; but you can use it with Ubuntu for Windows.


Running with no arguments will enter interactive mode.


From there you can run any of these commands:

help | h | ? -- show this help text.
quit | q | exit -- quit the program (duh)
list | ls | l -- list all articles
next | n | > -- show next available page.
previous | prev | p | < -- show previous available page.
<PAGE NUMBER> -- show the page at the specified number

You can also give any of these commands as an argument on the normal command line to run un-interactively. Except for quit, next, and previous, because that would make no sense.

txtv 100  # show page 100

txtv ls   # list all news articles

Configuration will automatically generate a config file at ~/.config/txtv/txtv.cfg with default values. It uses format of configparser.


under the alias category you can specify any number of aliases for txtv commands. These will work both in interactive mode and as subcommands when calling txtv from your shell.



will let you list all articles from shell with

txtv all

or by typing all in interactive mode.


So far there is only one option here, named prompt. It is just the prompt string used in interactive mode.


	prompt = kommandorörelse>


Here you can filter out some parts of the pages you might find unnecessary or distracting. These are all boolean variables and the accepted values are those that configparser accepts as true/false:

... config parsers consider the following values True: '1', 'yes', 'true', 'on' and the following values False: '0', 'no', 'false', 'off'.

these are all on by default.

Option Description
svt_header The line at the top that looks like 100 SVT Text Fredag 12 apr 2019. Keep in mind that turning this off might make it hard to keep track of what page you are on in interactive mode. HMU or make a PR if you would like to see only the page number.
publicerad_header The blue line that says when the article was published (INRIKES PUBLICERAD 12 APRIL)
navigation_footer The bottom line that usually says Inrikes 101 Utrikes 104 Innehåll 700. If it does not follow this format (like when the article continues on the next page) it will still be shown.

Right now the most interesting thing there is aliases which work both in CLI mode and interactive mode. You can also change what your interactive prompt looks like if you care about that.


Here is the trello for the development of txtv:

Here is where it's scraping data from:

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