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Helper for checking variable equivalence by type. Useful for tests.

Project description


Module allows to compare variables not only by value but by type too.

Quick example:

from typing import Any

from type_comparable import make_type_comparable

response = {
    'id': 144233,
    'date_create': '2020-01-25T17:31:33.910803',
    'important_data': 'important data',
    'other_data': 'other data',
    'inner_data': {
        'field a': 'value a',
        'field d': 'value b'
    'line': [1, 'some text', 3]
assert make_type_comparable(response) == {
    'id': int,  # <-- will compare by type int
    'date_create': str, # < -- will compare by type str
    'important_data': 'important data',  # <-- exact match as is
    'other_data': Any, # <-- allow any data,
    'inner_date': {  # <-- also work with nested dictionaries
        'field a': str,
        'field b': 'value b'
    'line': [int, Any, 3]  # <- check elements in array

# if you don't want wrap left variable (response) if can wrap right:
assert response == make_type_comparable(...)

Very useful for tests by pytest.

Support types

Comparable types (which can be passed to make_type_comparable()):

  • int

  • bool

  • str

  • list

  • dict

  • other

Types for comparison:

  • all python builtin (int, str, bool, list, dict, etc.)

  • object and typing.Any - mean any type but not None

  • typing.Optional - mean any type and None. Optional[int] now not supported

Also you can try to use with your custom types but without guaranteed (verify manually before use in product)

Know issues

Wrapped None is not None :-(

>> make_type_comparable(None) is None

# use equal
>> make_type_comparable(None) == None


From PyPi:

$ pip install type_comparable

From local:

# update setuptools
$ pip install 'setuptools >= 30.4'
# do install
$ make install
# or
$ pip install .


Prepare and activate virtual environment like:

$ python3 -m venv .env
# for bash
$ source .env/bin/activate
# for fish
$ . .env/bin/

Update pre-install dependencies:

$ pip install 'setuptools >= 30.4'


$ make install_dev
# or
$ pip install --editable .[develop]

Run tests:

$ make test
# or
$ pytest tests/

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