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Highly opinionated logging configurator

Project description

Highly opinionated wrapper/configuration around structlog.


Every project starts with burden of logging configuration. We want colors for interactive debugging, plain text in local dev when redirecting to file, and JSON when running in production with central log collection system. Finally, I like structlog, but most of the libraries do not use it, so I need to configure both libraries in compatible way.

This library does exactly that - configures logging as described above. It does it both for structlog and standard library logging.


Yes it is, since it merely configures great tools written by other great people to behave the way I personally prefer.

For instance, I prefer not to render structlog’s key/val arguments as separate attributes in JSON output, since I find it much more convenient to read them as part of the text message, even in centralized logging UIs such as Graylog - processing them as separate fields will require me to enable million field columns, since each log message has its own context; and I don’t use logs, but metrics for broader analysis.


import uberlogging

That’s all. You are ready to go. Simply import structlog or standard library’s logging, create your logger and start writing your app.

For convenience, structlog’s get_logging has been hoisted to uberlogging:

logger = uberlogging.get_logger("main")"Rocky road", to="Dublin")

Define UBERLOGGING_FORCE_TEXT=1 environment variable to force text output in non-tty streams. Useful for local environments when running your app with output redirection.

Envrionment overrides

Sometimes people want things their own way and that’s without changing actual code. To address that uberlogging provides ability to control some of it’s configuration though environment variables:


Define to non-empty value to force textual (not JSON) output. Colouring is autodetected


Same as above, but with with colours always enabled


Same as above, but with with colours always disabled


String that overrides logging message format. E.g. "{asctime} {levelname} {message}. Note that only “{” styles are supported.

On top of the stdlib fields uberlogging also provides context field that expands to stringified context (key/value pairs) provided by structlog or an empty string if stdlib logger is used.

Where are tests?

No tests, only deadlines :) Seriously though, there is script that’s good enough for now, since this library is not going to see much of a development.

Tested on Python3.6+ only! Stream configuration only works on Python 3.7+.

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