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Python bindings for libubus

Project description

Code in this directory enables a subset of libubus functions to be used directly from python.


To install these bidning you need to have the following libraries and headers installed:

  • libubox

  • libubus

  • python/python3


connect and disconnect

To connect you need to:

import ubus

To disconnect you can simply:


Note that calling connect()/disconnect() on opened/closed connection will throw an exception.


To add an object to ubus you can (you need to become root first):

def callback(handler, data):
    handler.reply(data)  # this should return exactly the same data to the caller

    "my_object", {
        "my_method": {"method": callback, "signature": {
                "first": ubus.BLOBMSG_TYPE_STRING,
                "second": ubus.BLOBMSG_TYPE_BOOL,
                "third": ubus.BLOBMSG_TYPE_INT32,

You need to enter the loop to serve the object methods afterwards:


Note that it might not be a good idea to call the callback function recursively.


To list the objects which are currently connected to ubus you can call:



{u'my_object': {u'my_method': {u'first': 3, u'second': 7, u'third': 5}}}


To call an actual method on an object you can use:"my_object", "my_method", {"first": "my_string", "second": True, "third": 42})


[{"first": "my_string", "second": True, "third": 42}]


To listen for an event you can:

def callback(event, data):
    print(event, data)  # just print event name and data to stdout

ubus.listen(("my_event", callback))

And you need to enter the loop to start to listen:


Note that it might not be a good idea to call the callback function recursively.


This will send an event to ubus:

ubus.send("my_event", {"some": "data"})


There are some tests present (‘tests/’ directory). So feel free to check it for some more complex examples. To run the tests you need to have ubus installed and become root:

sudo python test

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