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Ucloud( python client and command line tools.Author's bolg

Project description

### Ucloud Python SDK and Command-Line Tool
UcloudClient is a python sdk and a command-line client for Ucloud that brings
the command set for Uhost, Unet, Umon APIs together in a single shell with a
uniform command structure.
welcome to contribute to this tools.
feel free to contact me if you find any bugs or have good advices.

#### 设计理念
这个项目包含python sdk 和 命令行工具,覆盖了UHOST,UNET,UMON这三大资源管理.SDK设计上也是按前面三大资源来做区分.
由于一直有研究openstack,发现它的命令行做得很不错,所以这里命令行则是参考了openstack 命令行工具的资源管理命令,

1. list:查询本类所有的创建的资源,输出应该是列表,包含资源名称和ID等重要信息.
2. show:通过ID查询本类资源的某个创建资源的详细信息.
3. CUD:create, update, delete. 增删改三个操作.

#### 特色:

1. 命令可以加 "--debug" 来查看操作的关键路径的打印信息.
2. 命令可以加 "--timming" 来获得执行命令所花费的时间.

#### Unit Test:
已经完成shell,client,HTTPClient的unit test.主要使用了testtools,mock,fixtures等第三方模块.

#### 软件查看下载:
pypi: [](

#### 1. sdk usage:

install via pip:

#pip install ucloudclient

example codes:

from ucloudclient.client import Client as uclient
cl = uclient(base_url, public_key, private_key)
uhosts = cl.uhost.get(region="us-west-01")
print uhosts


{u'Action': u'DescribeUHostInstanceResponse', u'TotalCount': 1, u'RetCode': 0,
u'UHostSet': [{u'Remark': u'', u'Tag': u'Default', u'Name': u'yan-1',
u'State': u'Running', u'IPSet': [{u'IP': u'', u'Type': u'Private'},
{u'IPId': u'eip-yci4qr', u'IP': u'', u'Bandwidth': 2,
u'Type': u'International'}], u'DiskSet': [{u'Type': u'Boot',
u'Drive': u'/dev/sda', u'DiskId': u'ce3b1751-d837-4949-9c73-29368b7fe820',
u'Size': 20}], u'CPU': 1, u'OsName': u'Ubuntu 14.04 64\u4f4d',
u'BasicImageId': u'uimage-nhwrqn',
u'ImageId': u'ce3b1751-d837-4949-9c73-29368b7fe820', u'ExpireTime': 1429632272,
u'UHostType': u'Normal', u'UHostId': u'uhost-4dmzop', u'NetworkState': u'Connected',
u'ChargeType': u'Month', u'Memory': 2048, u'OsType': u'Linux', u'CreateTime': 1426953872,
u'BasicImageName': u'Ubuntu 14.04 64\u4f4d'}]}

#### 2. command-line usage:

hyphendeMacBook-Air:ucloud-python-sdk hyphen$ cat ucloud.rc
export UCLOUD_REGION="cn-north-03"
export UCLOUD_URL=""
export UCLOUD_PUBKEY="asdf"
export UCLOUD_PRIKEY="asdf"
export PS1='[\u@\h \W(ucloud)]\$ '

hyphendeMacBook-Air:ucloud-python-sdk hyphen$ source ucloud.rc


(.venv)hyphendeMacBook-Air:ucloud-python-sdk hyphen$ $ ucloud
usage: ucloud [--debug] [--timing] <subcommand> ...

Command line interface for ucloud

Positional arguments:
uhost-attach-disk attach a disk to a host
uhost-create boot a host
uhost-create-image create an image from a given host
uhost-create-snapshot create a snapshot from a host
uhost-delete-image delete an image by id
uhost-detach-disk attach a disk to a host
uhost-get-price get price of given type of host/s
uhost-get-vnc get a host's vnc connection information
uhost-image-list list all images
uhost-image-show show image details
uhost-list list uhosts
uhost-list-snapshot list snapshots of an instance
uhost-modify-name modify a host's name
uhost-modify-tag modify a host's tag
uhost-reboot reboot a host
uhost-reinstall reinstall a host
uhost-reset-password reset a host's password
uhost-resize resize a host
uhost-show show detail of a host
uhost-start start a host
uhost-stop stop a host
uhost-terminate terminate a host
umon-metric-get get metic data
modify bandwidth of a given eip
unet-eip-bind bind ip to given resource
unet-eip-create create an eip
unet-eip-list list eip
unet-eip-price-get get eip price
unet-eip-release release an eip
unet-eip-show show eip details info
unet-eip-unbind unbind ip to given resource
unet-eip-update update an eip
unet-eip-weight-modify modify weight of a given eip
unet-sec-create create security group
unet-sec-delete delete given security group
unet-sec-grant grant given security group to specified resource
unet-sec-list get security group can filte by reource
id or resource type.
unet-sec-resource-get get resource attached to given security group
unet-sec-show get security group details info.
unet-sec-update update security group
unet-vip-allocate allocate a vip
unet-vip-list list vip
unet-vip-release release a vip
bash-completion Prints all of the commands and options to stdout
so that the ucloud.bash_completion script doesn't
have to hard code them.
help Display help about this program or one of its

Optional arguments:
--debug Print debugging output
--timing Print call timing info

See "ucloud help COMMAND" for help on a specific command.


hyphendeMacBook-Air:ucloud-python-sdk hyphen$ ucloud uhost-show uhost-4dmzop
| Property | Value |
| BasicImageId | uimage-nhwrqn |
| BasicImageName | Ubuntu 14.04 64位 |
| CPU | 1 |
| ChargeType | Month |
| CreateTime | 2015-03-22 00:04:32 |
| Disk_0 | /dev/sda 20GB Type:Boot ID:ce3b1751-d837-4949-9c73-29368b7fe820 |
| ExpireTime | 2015-04-22 00:04:32 |
| IP_0 | Private |
| IP_1 | International 2Mb/s ID:eip-yci4qr |
| ImageId | ce3b1751-d837-4949-9c73-29368b7fe820 |
| Memory | 2048 |
| Name | yan-1 |
| NetworkState | Connected |
| OsType | Linux |
| Remark | |
| State | Running |
| Tag | Default |
| UHostId | uhost-4dmzop |
| UHostType | Normal |

(.venv)hyphendeMacBook-Air:ucloud-python-sdk hyphen$ ucloud uhost-image-list

| ImageId | ImageName | OsType |
| uimage-0duw4w | CentOS 5.8 64位 | Linux |
| uimage-0nvikt | RHEL 6.2 64位 | Linux |
| uimage-0xalan | Gentoo 2.2 64位 | Linux |

(.venv)hyphendeMacBook-Air:ucloud-python-sdk hyphen$ ucloud uhost-image-show uimage-0duw4w
| Property | Value |
| CreateTime | 1394435416 |
| ImageDescription | Community ENTerprise Operating System 5.8 64-bit |
| ImageId | uimage-0duw4w |
| ImageName | CentOS 5.8 64位 |
| ImageType | Base |
| OsName | CentOS 5.8 64位 |
| OsType | Linux |
| State | Available |

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