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Python SDK for Cisco UCS

Project Description

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# Python SDK for Cisco UCS

* Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License")
* Documentation:

## Installation

The SDK can be installed using any of ways below,

### From pip:

Installs the last released version,

pip install ucsmsdk

### From github:

Installs the latest top of the tree development version,

# Install pip (skip if pip is already available):

git clone
cd ucsmsdk
make install

## Documentation

* We have an extensive list of samples at
* We encourage contriutions to the samples repository

## Community:

* We are on Slack - slack requires registration, but the ucspython team is open invitation to
anyone to register [here](

------- (2017-01-25)

* Removed `jsonpickle` dependency (2017-01-25)

* Support for estimating impact of a transaction - `handle.estimate_impact`
* Support for TLS 1.1, 1.2 Newer UCSM releases support TLS1.2. HTTPS connection
to the servers with newer releases might fail in absence of TLS1.1/1.2
* Added command line script to make running `convert_to_ucs_python` easier.
bin/ in the github repo.
* Special characters like <,>,& in XML values are deemed invalid and cause
failure in parsing XML. Added a recovery logic if these exist in the XML
value fields.
* Support for serialization, deserialization of UcsHandle
* Support for UCSM inventory via `get_inventory` API (2016-09-21)

* Support for UCSM 3.1(2b)
* Adds Support for Generating python APIs from a Ucs backup xml -
* Adds Infra to facilitate and notify users of API deprecation
* Allows the ucsmsdk/apis layer APIs to pass in None values to indicate that no
change is rquested to those specific params
* Adds a method to check if the handle.cookie is still valid
* Fix in eventhandlers, where some events were not getting processed
* Fix in eventhandlers, where timeout was not getting triggered until new
* Fix in get_ucs_tech_support, where techsupport for rack server was failing
* Fix in logout, where a Ctrl+C was causing stale connections on the server
* Deprecated `get_ucs_tech_support` in favour of `get_tech_support`. The newer
API simplifies the API (2016-07-12)

* Support for UCSM 2.2.7
* Simplified event handlers to a single `wait_for_event` method. `UcsEventHandler` internals are hidden from user.
* Support for showing progress for upload/download operations
* Support for multi-threading in SDK. An application can run multiple threads that can use SDK methods in parallel.
* Support for multiple parallel transactions via the `tag` parameter in `add_mo`, `set_mo`, `remove_mo`, `commit_mo`
* Fix for `convert_to_ucs_python` exception in some scenarios
* Fix for `convert_to_ucs_python` not displaying python script for Java6u45
* Fix for event handlers not trigerring for some events
* Added more unit and system tests
* Better Documentation (2016-05-25)

* Support for UCSM 3.1.1
* Support for Python 3.x
* Support for Comparing and Syncing Objects across Ucs Domains - `compare_ucs_mo` `sync_ucs_mo`
* Support for `filter_str` in `query_children` method
* Support to drill down into Managed Object Meta and Property Meta details - `get_meta_info`
* Support to monitor **any/all** change(s) in a ManagedObject with `UcsEventHandler`
* Fix for Unable to make unsecured connection when redirection was enabled on the server
* Fix for issues with the usage of force parameter in `Login` method
* Fix for `not` filter not generating filter request
* Fix for TechSupport not getting removed from server even when `remove_from_ucs=True`
* Fix for convert_to_ucs_python not redirecting output to a file
* Fix for convert_to_ucs_python not working correctly when `gui_log=True`
* More PEP8 compliance related fixes (2015-01-11)

* Python SDK for UCS server management and related automation
* Supports every Managed Object exposed by Ucs
* APIs for CRUD operations simplified
* Support for server side filters made simpler
* Support for eventhandlers
* Runtime memory usage is reduced
* Nosetests for unit testing
* Samples directory for more real world use cases
* Integrating the sphinx framework for documentation
* PEP8 Compliance

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