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Tools for Unreal Engine

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uetools implements a set of tools to make it easier to work with Unreal Engine projects and automate common tasks.

Get Started

pip install uetools

# Saves common paths
uecli init --engine C:/opt/UnrealEngine/Engine --projects C:/opt/Projects
uecli engine add --version src --engine C:/opt/UnrealEngine/Engine
uecli engine add --version 5.1 --engine C:/EpicGames/UE_5.1/Engine
uecli engine add --version 5.0 --engine C:/EpicGames/UE_5.0/Engine

# Install the plugin VoxelPlugin to the RTSGame project
uecli plugin install --project RTSGame

# Rebuild the RTSGame project
uecli ubt build --project RTSGame

# Open the project (located in C:/opt/Projects/RTSGame)
uecli editor open RTSGame
uecli -v 5.1 editor open --project RTSGame
uecli -v 5.0 editor open --project RTSGame

# Cook the project
uecli editor cook --project RTSGame

# Start a server
uecli editor server --project RTSGame --dedicated --port 8123

# start a client
uecli editor client --project RTSGame --address --port  8123

# Turn a blueprint Project into a C++ project
uecli project cpp --project RTSGame

Make your own command

You can extend uetoosl for your organization by creating plugins. A template is provided to help you get started.

Help Example

   uecli [-v version] command subcommand ...

   uecli -v 5.1 editor open RTSGame --help

positional arguments
   project: str                             Name of the the project to open
   map: str                                 Name of the map to open

optional arguments
   --dry: bool = False                      Print the command it will execute without running it

   --resx: int = 320                        resolution width
   --resy: int = 240                        resolution height
   --fps: int = 20                          Max FPS
   --windowed = True                        Window mode
   --usefixedtimestep = True                Block until the ML agent replies with an action
   --game = True
   --unattended = True                      Close when the game finishes
   --onethread: bool = False                Run on a single thread
   --reducethreadusage: bool = False
   --nosound: bool = False                  Disable sound
   --nullrhi: bool = False                  Disable rendering
   --deterministic: bool = False            Set seeds ?
   --debug: bool = False
   --mladapterport: int = 8123              RPC server listen port


  • Windows & Linux

  • Open projects

  • Build

  • Run automated tests

  • Cook

  • Generate localization files for internationalization

  • Run the editor

  • multi version support

It also implements common recipes such as

  • Install project plugins from a repository

  • Disable plugins

  • Add dedicated server targets

  • Automatically configure project settings for Python

  • Works on both Linux & Windows seamlessly

  • Add Doxygen to your project


Unreal engine has 222 comandlets, 83 commands and more than 1237 command line parameters hidden inside its code, very few are documented.

uetools identifies the useful arguments and bundle them inside a command line utility, forming groups/set of arguments with a singular purpose.


editor                                   Set of commands to launch the editors in different modes
   client                                   Launch the editor as a client to an already running server
   cook                                     Cook your main game
   run                                      Runs Editor as is. This command exposes a lot of arguments.
   localize                                 Generate localization files using unreal editor
   ml                                       Launch a game setup for machine learning
   open                                     Open the editor for a given project
   resavepackages                           Resave assets, fixing some issues that can arise when using marketplace assets
   server                                   Launch the editor as a server
engine                                   Set of commands to manage engine installation/source
   update                                   Update the engine source code
format                                   Format UnrealEngine log output. It will attempt to align log output to make them more easily readable.
init                                     Initialize the configuration file for the command line interface
plugin                                   Set of commands to create, package and publish plugins
   disable                                  Disable unused plugin that are loading by default
   finalize                                 Finalize Plugin for redistribution
   install                                  Install a plugin to an unreal project.
   list                                     List installed plugin
   new                                      Create a new plugin from a template
   package                                  Builds and cook a plugin
project                                  Set of commands to manage an UnrealProject
   cpp                                      Turn a blueprint project into a C++ project
   new                                      WIP Create a new project
   dedicated                                Create a dedicated server target for a given project
   docs                                     Add a docs folder to your project
   python                                   Tweak your project settings to enable python scripting in your project
   vscode                                   Tweak your VSCode setting for this project to find python stub generated by Unreal Engine.
test                                     Set of commands to run automated tests
   run                                      Execute automated tests for a given project
uat                                      Unreal Automation Tool Commands
   cook                                     Cook your main game using UAT
   localize                                 Use the UAT to run localization gathering
   test                                     Execute automated tests for a given project using UAT
   uat                                      Runs Unreal Automation tool.
ubt                                      Unreal Build Tool Commands
   build                                    Execute UnrealBuildTool for a specified target
   configure                                Disable unused plugin that are loading by default
   regenerate                               Generate project files
   ubt                                      Runs Unreal build tool as is.
asset-dumper                             Dump a UAsset
gamekit                                  Set of commands for Gamekit
   gkscript                                 Convert a Blueprint into GKScript
   gitversion                               Update a file with git version info

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