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The ufal.udpipe is a Python binding to UDPipe library <>.

The bindings is a straightforward conversion of the C++ bindings API. In Python 2, strings can be both unicode and UTF-8 encoded str, and the library always produces unicode. In Python 3, strings must be only str.

Wrapped C++ API

The C++ API being wrapped follows. For a API reference of the original C++ API, see <>.

Helper Structures

  typedef vector<int> Children;

  typedef vector<string> Comments;

  class ProcessingError {
    bool occurred();
    string message;

  class Word {
    int id;         // 0 is root, >0 is sentence word, <0 is undefined
    string form;    // form
    string lemma;   // lemma
    string upostag; // universal part-of-speech tag
    string xpostag; // language-specific part-of-speech tag
    string feats;   // list of morphological features
    int head;       // head, 0 is root, <0 is undefined
    string deprel;  // dependency relation to the head
    string deps;    // secondary dependencies
    string misc;    // miscellaneous information

    Children children;

    Word(int id = -1, const string& form = string());
  typedef vector<Word> Words;

  class MultiwordToken {
    int idFirst, idLast;
    string form;
    string misc;

    MultiwordToken(int id_first = -1, int id_last = -1, const string& form = string(), const string& misc = string());
  typedef vector<MultiwordToken> MultiwordTokens;

  class Sentence {

    Words words;
    MultiwordTokens multiwordTokens;
    Comments comments
    static const string rootForm;

    bool empty();
    void clear();
    virtual Word& addWord(const char* form);
    void setHead(int id, int head, const string& deprel);
    void unlinkAllWords();
  typedef vector<Sentence> Sentences;

Main Classes

  class InputFormat {
    virtual void setText(const char* text);
    virtual bool nextSentence(Sentence& s, ProcessingError* error = nullptr);

    static InputFormat* newInputFormat(const string& name);
    static InputFormat* newConlluInputFormat();
    static InputFormat* newHorizontalInputFormat();
    static InputFormat* newVerticalInputFormat();

  class OutputFormat {
    virtual string writeSentence(const Sentence& s) const;

    static OutputFormat* newOutputFormat(const string& name);
    static OutputFormat* newConlluOutputFormat();
    static OutputFormat* newHorizontalOutputFormat();
    static OutputFormat* newVerticalOutputFormat();

  class Model {
    static Model* load(const char* fname);

    virtual InputFormat* newTokenizer(const string& options) const;
    virtual bool tag(Sentence& s, const string& options, ProcessingError* error = nullptr) const;
    virtual bool parse(Sentence& s, const string& options, ProcessingError* error) const;

    static const string DEFAULT;

  class Pipeline {
    Pipeline(const Model* m, const string& input, const string& tagger, const string& parser, const string& output);

    void setModel(const Model* m);
    void setInput(const string& input);
    void setTagger(const string& tagger);
    void setParser(const string& parser);
    void setOutput(const string& output);

    string process(const string& data, ProcessingError* error = nullptr) const;

    static const string DEFAULT;
    static const string NONE;

  class Trainer {

    static string train(const string& method, const Sentences& train, const Sentences& heldout,
                        const string& tokenizer, const string& tagger, const string& parser,
                        ProcessingError* error = nullptr);

    static const string DEFAULT;
    static const string NONE;

  class Evaluator {
    Evaluator(const Model* m, const string& tokenizer, const string& tagger, const string& parser);

    void setModel(const Model* m);
    void setTokenizer(const string& tokenizer);
    void setTagger(const string& tagger);
    void setParser(const string& parser);

    string evaluate(const string& data, ProcessingError* error = nullptr) const;

    static const string DEFAULT;
    static const string NONE;

  class Version {
    unsigned major;
    unsigned minor;
    unsigned patch;
    string prerelease;

    // Returns current version.
    static version current();



Simple pipeline loading data (tokenizing on request), tagging, parsing and writing to specified output format:

from ufal.udpipe import *

# In Python2, wrap sys.stdin and sys.stdout to work with unicode.
if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
    import codecs
    import locale
    encoding = locale.getpreferredencoding()
    sys.stdin = codecs.getreader(encoding)(sys.stdin)
    sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter(encoding)(sys.stdout)

if len(sys.argv) < 4:
    sys.stderr.write('Usage: %s input_format output_format model_file\n' % sys.argv[0])

sys.stderr.write('Loading model: ')
model = Model.load(sys.argv[3])
if not model:
    sys.stderr.write("Cannot load model from file '%s'\n" % sys.argv[3])

pipeline = Pipeline(model, sys.argv[1], Pipeline.DEFAULT, Pipeline.DEFAULT, sys.argv[2])
error = ProcessingError()

not_eof = True
while not_eof:
    text = ''

    # Read block
    while True:
        line = sys.stdin.readline()
        not_eof = bool(line)
        if not not_eof: break
        line = line.rstrip('\r\n')
        text += line
        text += '\n';
        if not line: break

    # Process data
    print "Processing %s" % text
    processed = pipeline.process(text, error)
    if error.occurred():
        sys.stderr.write("An error occurred when running run_udpipe: ")


Milan Straka <>

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