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Uliweb ui application

Project description

# Uliweb UI

## What’s it

uliweb-ui is used to collection ui components, such as css and js.

## Compile utils and tags

First install node.js, npm,then install gulp and dependencies:

` npm install gulp npm install gulp gulp-riot gulp-clean-css gulp-jshint gulp-uglify gulp-concat gulp-rename gulp-notify del riot uglify-js error jshint `


` gulp default `

to compile uliweb-ui.css and uliweb-ui.js to uliweb_ui/static/modules, also compile tags to uliweb_ui/static/modules/tags

## make jsmodules.js

jsmodules.js is used to combine js modules defined in settings.ini into a javascript file, so that head.load can load them via load([“module1”, “module2”], function(){}). You can get it through command line uliweb jsmodule -a uliweb_ui to recreate it and save it to uliweb_ui/static/jsmodules.js. Because uliweb_ui is just an app, but not an application, so you should run jsmodule command in a project directory, so you can make a simple project, and just add uliweb_ui to INSTALLED_APPS, and run the command.

Uliweb_ui is already create jsmodule.js for you. But if you want to add more ui components to settings.ini, and also want to use load to process them, you should recreate jsmodules.js yourself.

## Concat plugins Step.1 Write some configuration in ‘settings.ini’ of your uliweb project. like that:

` [TEMPLATE_GULP] you_want_name = [ "plugin name", ... ] `

Step.2 Enter a command in CLI of your uliweb project

` uliweb gulpplugins -d app_name `

Then you will find some files in the folder(you_want_name.js && you_want_name.css)

` .../your_project/apps/app_name/static/ `

Step.3 In the template file, use plugin with command “{{use ‘plugin name’}}” , you_want_name.js and you_want_name.css will loaded

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