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The whitelisting tool of the Ultimate Hosts Blacklist project.

Project description

This is the branch which contain the script which we use to whitelist domains or IP into our infrastructure.


$ pip3 install --user ultimate-hosts-blacklist-the-whitelist

Complementary whitelist

Our script allow us to link one or more file(s) to the system which will be used in complementary of our whitelist list.

Special markers

If you already used a whitelist list you already know that we generaly only list all domains we want to whitelist one by one.

It’s also possible to do that with our whitelisting system but we can do more.


The ALL marker will tell the system to escape and regex check againt what follows.

INVALID characters

  • $

    • As we automatically append $ to the end, you should not use this character.

  • \\

    • As we automatically escape the given expression, you should not explicitly escape your regular expression when declaring an ALL marker.


The REG marker will tell the system to explicitly check for the given regex which follows the marker.


The RZD marker will tell the system to explicitly check for the given string plus all possible TDL.

Understanding what we actually do

If we have the following secondary whitelist list:
ALL .gov
REG face
RZD ebay

our system will actually :

  • Remove every line which match and

  • Remove everyline which match ebay.*

  • In complementary convert all lines with ALL ` or :code:`REG to the right format.

  • Check every line again the regular expression.

  • Print or save on screen the results.

The genereated regular expression will be in this example:


NOTE: The ebay group is much longer as we construct the list of TDL based on the Root Zone Database of the IANA and the Public Suffix List project.

Which actually means that we whitelist:

  • all elements/lines which ends with .gov

  • all elements/lines which contain the word face

Usage of the script

usage: uhb_whitelist [-h] [-f FILE] [-w WHITELIST [WHITELIST ...]] [-wc]
                 [-o OUTPUT] [-v]

The tool to clean a list or a hosts file with the Ultimate Hosts Blacklist
whitelist list or your own.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    -f FILE, --file FILE  Read the given file and remove all element to
                            Read the given file and append its data to the our
                            whitelist list.
    -wc, --without-core   Disable the usage of the Ultimate Hosts Blacklist
                            whitelist list.
    -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                            Save the result to the given filename or path.
    -v, --version         Show the version end exist.

Crafted with ♥ by Nissar Chababy (Funilrys)

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