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Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django

Project description

# Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django #

All tools you need to start your journey with Apache Cassandra and Django Framework!

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## Features ##

* integration with latest `python-driver` from DataStax
* working `flush`, `migrate`, `sync_cassandra`, `inspectdb` and
`dbshell` commands
* support for creating/destroying test database
* accepts all `Cqlengine` and `cassandra.cluster.Cluster` connection options
* automatic connection/disconnection handling
* works well along with relational databases (as secondary DB)
* storing sessions in Cassandra (NEW!)

## Plans (TODO) ##

* User model stored in Cassandra (auth module)
* Admin panel for Cassandra models
* Forms

## Installation ##

Recommended installation:

pip install django-cassandra-engine

## Basic Usage ##

1. Add `django_cassandra_engine` to `INSTALLED_APPS` in your `` file:

INSTALLED_APPS = ('django_cassandra_engine',) + INSTALLED_APPS

2. Change `DATABASES` setting:

'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django_cassandra_engine',
'NAME': 'db',
'TEST_NAME': 'test_db',
'HOST': ',',
'replication': {
'strategy_class': 'SimpleStrategy',
'replication_factor': 1

3. Define some model:

# myapp/

import uuid
from cassandra.cqlengine import columns
from cassandra.cqlengine.models import Model

class ExampleModel(Model):
example_id = columns.UUID(primary_key=True, default=uuid.uuid4)
example_type = columns.Integer(index=True)
created_at = columns.DateTime()
description = columns.Text(required=False)

4. Run `./ sync_cassandra`
5. Done!

## Documentation ##

The documentation can be found online [here](

## License ##
Copyright (c) 2014-2016, [Rafał Furmański](

All rights reserved. Licensed under BSD 2-Clause License.

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