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Scan filesystem for changes not committed to version control

Project description

When working on a version-controlled project on my hard drive, I often flip over to another project to make a quick change. By the end of the day I have forgotten about that other change and only find it months later when I enter that repository again. I needed a way to be alerted at the end of each day about any uncommitted changes sitting around on my system.

Thus was born this “uncommitted” script: using by either your system locate(1) command or by walking a filesystem tree on its own, it will find version-controlled directories and print a report on the standard output about any uncommitted changes still sitting on your drive. By running it from a cron(8) job you can make this notification routine.

Installing and running “uncommitted”

You can install the latest version of “uncommitted” from the Python Package Index with:

$ pip install uncommitted

This should make the “uncommitted” shell command available to you, placing it in the same directory as Python. You can then run “uncommitted” on a directory and its subdirectories by typing:

$ uncommitted ~

Should you ever want a list of all repositories, and not just those with uncommitted changes, you can use the “-v” verbose option:

$ uncommitted -v ~

You can always get help by running “uncommitted” without arguments or with the “-h” or “–help” options.

There is also support for using the locate(1) command to scan for repositories, which lets “uncommitted” operate quickly even over very large filesystems:

$ uncommitted -l ~/devel

But be warned: because the locate(1) database is only updated once a day on most systems, this will miss repositories which you have created since its last run. It also will not work at all if your home directory is missing from the database because of permissions, encryption, or the version of locate(1) that you have installed. So do not trust the output when using this option until you have verified by hand that it can indeed see an uncommitted change that you leave somewhere deliberately!

Supported VCs

At the moment, “uncommitted” supports:

To operate, “uncommitted” requires the command-line tool for the corresponding version-control system to be runnable from the shell. Note that I am not opposed to someone contributing code to support Bazaar, or other more obscure version control systems, if you want to contribute additional detection and scanning routines.


2.3 (2020 May 14)

  • Bugfix: the regular expression that matches the name of a git submodule would get confused if the submodule’s directory name itself had parens in it.

2.2 (2020 Feb 4)

  • Improved Windows compatibility, thanks to Fabio Leimgruber!

2.1 (2018 Feb 22)

  • When running in follow-symlinks mode, uncommitted is now careful to avoid both symlink loops and visiting the same directories twice.

  • Now prints a warning and keeps running (instead of crashing) if a repository is present for which the corresponding version control command line is not installed.

2.0.1 (2018 Jan 21)

  • Fix Python 3 error with -l / --locate by switching all internal processing to use bytes instead of strings.

1.9 (2017 Jul 4)

1.8 (2016 Oct 30)

  • Add -I to ignore repositories matching a substring.

  • Add -n to detect and list non-tracking branches.

  • Bugfix: no longer errors if a filename has encoding errors.

1.7 (2016 Oct 9)

  • Report all un-pushed git commits, not only commits for the current branch.

  • Add -L that follows symlinks while walking filesystem.

  • Add -u that prints untracked files in git repositories.

1.6 (2014 Feb 26)

  • Show whether git commits need to be pushed.

1.5 (2013 Oct 29)

  • Fix Subversion support under Python 3.

  • Add Subversion to the test suite.

1.4 (2013 Oct 5)

  • Made -w the default, not -l.

  • Add compatibility with Python 3.

1.3 (2010 May 10)

  • Bugfix: the Git command is “status” not “st”.

1.2 (2010 May 9)

  • Eapen contributed code to support Git.

1.1 (2010 April 24)

  • Bugfix: changed locate(1) command line to use shell wildcards, since it does not support regular expressions under MacOS X.

  • Bugfix: all repositories were being called “Subversion” repositories.

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