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Use uncrustify to format the objective-c files under the specified project path

Project description

uncrustify-objc –help

Usage: uncrustify-objc [OPTIONS] PROJECT_PATH

uncrustify-obj is used to format the objective-c files under the specified project path.

For the uncrustify.cfg config file, it will search it recursively from the project directory to its top parent directory. If none, the ~/uncrustify.cfg or ~/.uncrustify/uncrustify.cfg will be assumed to use.

Configure the uncrustify_ignore in the project path to make a path blacklist which matched items will not be formatted. It uses the gitignore file template, more documentation could be found from

By default, it will search the ignore file from the project path, if not specify with –ignore-file. Besides, there is a global ignore file located ~/.uncrustify/uncrustify_ignore_global which will be combined to the target ignore spec.

If the project path is under the git version control, passing the –git- only option will make the changed source files to be used as source file list, the ignore files will be omitted because the git-scm already used the gitignore spec.

Highly recommend you to make a shell alias like alias uncrustify-objc =’uncrustify-objc –git-only’.

-c, --cfg-file CFG_FILE

The CFG config file used to format.

-i, --ignore-file IGNORE_FILE

The ignore file used to ignore the matching files for formatting.

-g, --git-only

Format the current git staged and unstaged files only.

-n, --dry-run

Do not format any files, but show a list of files to be formatted.

-v, --verbose

Enables verbose mode.


Show this message and exit.

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uncrustify-objc-1.4.tar.gz (7.7 kB view hashes)

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