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selenium.webdriver.Chrome replacement with focus on stealth. not triggered by Distil / CloudFlare / Imperva / DataDome / hCaptcha and such. NOTE: results may vary due to many factors. No guarantees are given, except for ongoing efforts in understanding detection algorithms.

Project description


Optimized Selenium Chromedriver patch which does not trigger anti-bot services like Distill Network / Imperva / DataDome / Automatically downloads the driver binary and patches it.

  • Tested from version 80 until current beta
  • Patching also works on MS Edge (chromium-based) webdriver binary
  • Python 3.6++


pip install undetected-chromedriver


To prevent unnecessary hair-pulling and issue-raising, please mind the important note at the end of this document .

the easy way (recommended)

import undetected_chromedriver as uc
driver = uc.Chrome()

the V2 (beta) way

import undetected_chromedriver.v2 as uc
driver = uc.Chrome()
with driver:
    driver.get('')  # known url using cloudflare's "under attack mode"

target specific chrome version

import undetected_chromedriver as uc
driver = uc.Chrome()

monkeypatch mode

Needs to be done before importing from selenium package

import undetected_chromedriver as uc

from selenium.webdriver import Chrome
driver = Chrome()

the customized way

import undetected_chromedriver as uc

#specify chromedriver version to download and patch
uc.TARGET_VERSION = 78    

# or specify your own chromedriver binary (why you would need this, i don't know)


opts = uc.ChromeOptions()
driver = uc.Chrome(options=opts)
driver.get('') example

These guys have actually a powerful product, and a link to this repo, which makes me wanna test their product. Make sure you use a "clean" ip for this one.

# STANDARD selenium Chromedriver
from selenium import webdriver
chrome = webdriver.Chrome()
True   # it caused my ip to be flagged, unfortunately

# UNDETECTED chromedriver (headless,even)
import undetected_chromedriver as uc
options = uc.ChromeOptions()
chrome = uc.Chrome(options=options)

Check both saved screenhots here

important note

Due to the inner workings of the module, it is needed to browse programmatically (ie: using .get(url) ). Never use the gui to navigate. Using your keybord and mouse for navigation causes possible detection! New Tabs: same story. If you really need multi-tabs, then open the tab with the blank page (hint: url is data:, including comma, and yes, driver accepts it) and do your thing as usual. If you follow these "rules" (actually its default behaviour), then you will have a great time for now.

TL;DR and for the visual-minded:

In [1]: import undetected_chromedriver as uc
In [2]: driver = uc.Chrome()
In [3]: driver.execute_script('return navigator.webdriver')
Out[3]: True  # Detectable
In [4]: driver.get('') # starts magic
In [4]: driver.execute_script('return navigator.webdriver')
In [5]: None  # Undetectable!

end important note

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undetected-chromedriver-2.2.0.tar.gz (11.3 kB view hashes)

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