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A Python library that paints an image on a spreadsheet, builds its pixel art in Minecraft, makes its ascii art, or makes a rubik's cube art out of it.

Project description

Generate images as a spreadsheet, a Minecraft pixel art, an ascii art, or a rubik's cube art using Python

A quick scroll through social media and you'll find very talented people making portraits out of dice, rubik's cube, in minecraft as pixel art, or even using MIDI notes on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This package gives you the ability to do the same, with or without talent. Currently it can only generate arts using minecraft, the cells of a spreadsheet, ascii characters, or rubik's cubes, but if you have any ideas that fit into the project's goal please let me know, or - even better - submit a merge request with your work!

Table of contents

What does this package do :thinking:

With this package you can save any image on a given path as a

  • Spreadsheet: this_is_fine-meme-python-excel-spreadsheet-unexpected-isaves

  • Minecraft Pixel Art Datapack: naruto-anime-python-minecraft-pixel-art-data-pack-unexpected-isaves

  • Ascii Art: capybara-python-ascii-art-unexpected-isaves

  • Rubik's Cube: apple-python-rubiks-cube-art-unexpected-isaves

How to use it :computer:

First you install it in your environment like this

pip install unexpected-isaves

Then you can start using it already! Pass the path of any image you've got locally and try to save it using our functions!

from unexpected_isaves import save_image


Why unexpected-isaves?

You might be wondering: why would I ever need such a useless lib? The answer is: you wouldn't. This lib was created for learning purposes, and it was never my intention to make it useful. It might be a nice way to impress your friends on your Minecraft server, or to make an important presentation lighter with a fun spreadsheet art, though. Be creative!

You can read our wiki for more information about this project if you want.

Contributing :pencil:

Just like Minecraft, everything's better when shared and built together.

Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Make sure to read our guide for contributing and don't forget to check out our code of conduct.

Into the wild

So you've used this tool to create the most awesome art ever? Please consider leaving a star on the repo. It helps a lot.

Have fun!

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