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Python library to "translate" a variety of unicode special characters to normal text

Project description


Python library to "translate" a variety of unicode special characters to normal text

can be used as a command line util for strings and text files, or as a library for easier and more flexible integration

Lib Examples:

examples can be found in the /examples directory

Lib Documentation:

  • [class] translator

    • [kwarg] Union[dict, List[str]]=None key:

      • key used to contruct a translation table, can be a list of strings contaning 52 characters (one for each letter, upper and lowercase), or a dict contaning key/value pairs that map each character in the key to a character in the value. (default is provided)

    • [kwarg] Union[str, List[str]]=None remove:

      • characters to be stripped during translation (default is provided)

    • [kwarg] (bool)=False debug:

      • toggles debug prints in the __init__

    • [method] translate -> str:

      • [arg] (str) text: text to be translated

    • [method] text_to_unicode -> str:

      • [arg] (str) text: text to be translated

      • [kwarg] (int) mode: translation mode to use, this should correspond to an index in the key

    • [staticmethod] _trans -> str:

      • method to translate text via the given table

      • [arg] (str) text: text to be translated

      • [arg] Union[dict, Union[List[str], Tuple[str]]] table: table to use for translation, when a list or tuple is passed, the first element is treated as the key and the second element is treated as the value. dict should only be passed if it is a valid translation table (as obtained from str.maketrans)

    • [staticmethod] clean_key -> Tuple[str]:

      • returns the key cleaned of "normal" characters and duplicates, and its respective alphabet value

      • [arg] (str) key - key to be cleaned

Command line:

  • uni-translate -t #unicode here

  • paths to text files can be passed aswell, if nothing is passed the user will be prompted

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