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GM standings and fixtures parser

Project description

# unicorner

GM season standings and fixtures parser as a reusable library.

This library can change at any time. Same applies to GM’s actual websites. Use at your own risk.

### Install

pip install unicorner

### Usage

#### Parsing Standings and Fixtures Pages

Standings page has to parsed before fixtures can be parsed.

from unicorner import SeasonParse

sp = SeasonParse() sp.parse_standings_page(path=”standings.html”) sp.parse_fixtures_page(path=”fixtures.html”) print(sp.game_days[0])

#### Extracting to CSV

python -m unicorner extract_all –help

### GM Data Model Issues

  • GM does not store the historical team names - only the latest version of the name is preserved.

  • In the past, GM would reuse the same team object for unrelated groups of people so you would have one season TeamId=23 point to to Team A and the next season, if all the people of Team A left, TeamId=23 could point to another group of players Team B. You would see this in team history page which would show past games that the new group of players had never heard of.

Both of the above are caused by not having a season-team model.

We work around this by first introducing the concept of Franchise - the identity of a group of players playing together that spans over more than one season. Each franchise should be given an ID which is independent from GM IDs. These can be maintained in a franchises.csv file.

Then, for each season that a franchise joins, we create a separate Team object whose ID is a concatenation of zero-padded GM season’s ID and team ID. For example, team identified by GM with TeamId=23 playing in season SeasonId=101 gets ID 0101.23

Each such team can have its own name so every season a franchise can use a different name. The mapping from teams to franchises is maintained in a franchise_seasons.csv file.

Examples of both files can be found under tests/data/

### GM Data Issues

GM data is very much like their operations. Sometimes there’s no score or the score is incorrect, the winner is wrong, or the game is marked incorrectly say as a final when it isn’t a final etc. etc. To fix these issues use score_overrides.csv file.

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