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Fetch Known Urls

Project description


Fetch Known Urls

What's Unja?

Unja is a fast & light tool for fetching known URLs from Wayback Machine, Common Crawl, Virus Total, & AlienVault's Otx it uses a separate thread for each provider to optimize its speed and use Wayback resumption key to divide scan into multiple parts to handle a large scan & it uses direct filters on API to get only filtered data from API to do less work on your system.

Why Unja?

  • Supports Wayback/Common-Crawl/Virus-Total/Otx/
  • Automatically handles rate limits and timeouts
  • Export results: text or detailed output with status,mime,length in JSON
  • MultiThreading: separate thread for each provider to fetch data simultaneously
  • Filters: apply filters dirtly on provider to avoid unnecessary data

Installing Unja

You can install Unja with pip as following:

pip3 install unja

or, by downloading this repository and running

python3 install

Updating Unja

You can update Unja with pip as following:

pip3 install unja -U


unja -h

This will display help for the tool.

Flag Description Example
-d doimain unja -d
-f List of domains file seprated by new line unja -f domains.txt
--sub Include subdomain unja --sub
-p Providers (wayback,commoncrawl,otx,virustotal,urlscan) unja -p wayback
--wbf (default : statuscode:200 ~mimetype:html) unja --wbf statuscode:200
--ccf (default : =status:200 ~mime:.*html) unja --ccf =status:200
--wbl Wayback results per request (default : 10000) unja --wbl 1000
--otxl Otx results per request (default : 500) unja --otxl 500
-r Amount of retries for http client (default : 3) unja -r 3
-v Enable verbose mode to show errors unja -v
-j Enable json mode for detailed output in json format unja -j
-s Silent mode don't print header unja -s
--ucci Update CommonCrawl Index unja --ucci
--vtkey Change VirusTotal Api in config unja --vtkey
--uskey Change UrlScan Api in config unja --uskey

Output Methods

text = ( default ) Output urls only.

json = ( -j ) Output url,status,mime,length in json format it's can help you later filtering result based on those variables.


Filters directly apply on providers to get only useful filtered data from provider.

Wayback Commoncrawl Description
statuscode:200 =status:200 return only those urls which status code is 200
!statuscode:200 !=status:200 return only non 200 status code
mimetype:text/html mime:text/html return only those url which response type is text/html
!mimetype:text/html !=mime:text/html return only non text/html response type
~mimetype:html ~mime:.*html return all those url which have html word in response type
~original:unja ~url:.*unja return all those url which have unja word in url


Get only urls with parameters & status code 200

unja -s -d --sub -p wayback,commoncrawl --wbf 'statuscode:200 ~original:=' --ccf '=status:200 ~url:.*=' | anew | tee output

Looking for open redirects

unja -s -d --sub -p wayback,commoncrawl --wbf '~statuscode:30 ~original:=http' --ccf '~status:30 ~url:.*=http' | anew | tee output

Clean result ( Exclude images,css,javascripts,woff & 404)

unja -s -d --sub -p wayback,commoncrawl --wbf '!statuscode:404 ~!mimetype:image ~!mimetype:javascript ~!mimetype:css ~!mimetype:woff' --ccf '!=status:404 !~mime:.*image !~mime:.*javascript !~mime:.*css !~mime:.*woff' | anew | tee output

Let me know if you have any other good oneliner ./

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